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Sunday Style: Green

Green is my favorite color. I think it brings out the color in my eyes and it looks great with my skin tone.There's lots of sayings with green in them too. Give the green light. Green thumb. Going green. (Make no mistake- I didn't say Go Green- that's for all you Spartan fans out there). Green around the gills. Green with envy- well, don't be green with envy but I am sitting here in sunny Florida enjoying the warm weather and time with family and friends... This green dress has been hanging in my closet for a while but this was the first time that I got it out. I scored it on a major sale but just haven't had a chance to wear it. I always say why wait for a special occasion?  What I love most about this dress is the neckline. I tell you all the time that it's hard for me to wear a straight skirt or dress and this is no exception. I like the look of it but I do think I'll spend a few more dollars and have it tailored a little more. I paired nude pumps

Sunday Style: Strength

Today's post is a very personal post. I am extremely vulnerable when I write this and I almost hesitate to even post it. But if I can help one person-just one person, it's worth it. While I normally write fashion-related posts, I think it's important to be open and honest about who you really are. (It's also longer so please read until the end). Fashion posts are pretty easy to write. Take some pictures and edit them. Write about your outfit. Write about how the outfit made you feel. Of course you loved it or you wouldn't wear it and you wouldn't write about it. (Duh!) But Life isn't a fashion post. Life is tough. Life is hard. Life can be cruel. Life can be kind. We are all fighting a battle. We are all going through hard times in life. It doesn't matter what it is, if we think it's hard, then it's hard. I cannot compare my issues or dilemmas to those of someone else. If someone else's battle is hard because they need or want money for

Sunday Style: Warm Colors

Today I'm wearing another fantastic dress from Karina Dresses ! The temps outside are decreasing and the colors that we wear during this time of year are increasing. Whether it's warm saturated colors like this Bordeaux or the bright colors of holidays, I'm not missing the pastels from the seasons past.  But let's get back to this dress...the fabric is so comfortable and the style is so flattering. I'm wearing the katharine  style in floral tiles. I love this style! The belt adds extra emphasis on my waistline and the length below the knee is perfect!  I'm wearing this dress with boots and tights today since it's cooler outside and I've paired a fun floral clutch for some pattern mixing. I've also added a statement necklace and a few bangles as my accessories.  I can easily wear this look to work or I could also add a black jacket and heels for a different look. I love how Karina Dresses are functional and fashionable!  Here's a