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Sunday Style: Neon and Floral

I love the combination of neon colors and florals. I've talked many times about how I love bright colors and floral prints so it should come as no surprise that I love neon and floral together.  To make it even better, throw in a comfortable dress from karinadresses . I'm in love with this butterfly garden print and the style is called the  Nora .  I love the vee neck on this dress which elongates the body and the cut of the rest of the dress with the waist going in is just sheer magic. It makes me feel like a million bucks!  Here's some pics of this gorgeous floral dress:  Dress- Karina dresses (online recent) Clutch- Target (last year) Shoes- DSW (recent) I've been enjoying our beautiful weather all weekend. I hope you all have been having a wonderful weekend as well!  Thanks for reading and following along with me!  Sandae

Sunday Style: Live Colorfully

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. One of the reasons is the colors that you start to see. Oh sure, it's raining outside right now as I write this, but I see that warmer temps and sunny days are heading our way this week.  The grass turns green, the birds are out and chirping, the flowers start to bud. I bought myself a bouquet of flowers this week- treat yourself! In the world of fashion, or maybe just in my world of fashion, more colors start to appear in the form of shoes and bags and accessories. Bright colors and flowers and other patterns make their way on to my clothing. It's spring!  Live colorfully! Rejoice in the new season and time of refreshing and rebirth. He makes all things new again. Take a minute to stop and smell the roses (or any other flower for that matter) and enjoy the awakening of the earth in this season.  For today's look, I chose a plain green dress but paired it with bright coral pumps. I added a colorful clutch and some

Sunday Style: Twinning in the City

One of my favorite things about Instagram is the connections that I have made and the people that I have met. Every day I get to see peoples' outfits but sometimes I also get to know people and make new friends.  My friend Terri ( iamterrib on Instagram ) is no exception. We met downtown Grand Rapids for lunch and, yes, we sure did plan to wear our matching skirts. We texted before we met about how we were going to style them for the day. People may have given us a few looks here and there while we were out walking around but we didn't notice. We were too busy laughing and catching up and having fun.  We both loved this black and white skirt from Target that's part of the Who What Wear collection because of the versatility and cut and style of the skirt. I love that it goes with every solid color as well as some prints (like Terri's graphic tee!) and can be dressed up or down. This is a great skirt to wear while out and about for the day or throw on a blazer and

I Can't Stop Thinking About Him

It's now 4:35 in the morning. I can't sleep- been up about an hour and a half. I had such a great day yesterday and went to bed with a full belly and full heart. I was able to see a friend for lunch and another friend for dinner. I'm enjoying my Spring Break. But I can't stop thinking about him.  Who is he? I don't know his name. I was passing by in my car on the way to get on to the interstate and I saw the fire truck coming. I looked over and saw him. He was on the ground at the bus stop. His hood was over his head and his face was towards the ground. He was wearing a gray coat and appeared to be unresponsive. He wasn't moving and I saw someone trying to get him to respond.  Who is he? Was he waiting for the bus and passed out? Did he keel over from a heart attack? What is his condition? Was he a homeless person? Or a student at college? Was he a hard working man with multiple jobs trying to support his family?  I saw the firemen get out of the fir