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Holidays with Sarah Flint Shoes

Hi friends! I know it’s been so long since I last wrote on the blog! I’ve had some changes in my life and I just didn’t focus on writing as much! Make sure you’re following me on social media so you don’t miss all of the good stuff like outfits and travel and all of that!  Now, you all know that every December I post all holiday looks and this year is no different! Holiday looks have been on point all month long and they just keep on coming!  I did want to share some shoes with you all today though that I’ve been loving! As you may or may not know, I am a brand ambassador for  Sarah Flint  shoes and I love them all so much! I’m currently deciding on the next pair to get!  I thought I’d share a couple of pairs that I have that I’ve been wearing all holiday season long! This way you get to see some of my holiday looks too!  The first pair of  Sarah Flint  shoes that I got was back in the summer and they are the  Perfect Block Sandal 60  in Gold Nappa. These  sandals  are good for all yea

Hyatt Regency: Frisco TX

I’m back with another staycation location for you! Last week I went to the  Hyatt Regency  in Frisco to stay and enjoy their food! Nothing like some good food and a king size bed that you don’t have to make!  The  Hyatt  is located in Frisco attached to the Stonebriar Center outside of Nordstrom. Like seriously, you can walk to the mall from inside the hotel. What’s better than that?  I was invited to stay and try out the food from their new executive chef at Copper and Steel.  Here’s a few pics of the eating space and the bar before I show you the food! Here’s what we tried for dinner: -Mango Daiquiri -Hummus Plate   -Wings three ways  -Filet with cheese grits and roasted vegetables  And for breakfast here’s what we tried:  -Iced coffees from the Ily coffee bar -Omelet form the omelet station- comes with potatoes and toast  All in all, I’d give the food a good review. The filet was especially tasty and my personal favorite! The cheese grits and the sauce served with it were *chef’s ki

Sunday Style: Pyne and Smith Clothiers Dress

Hi friends! Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Style! I just looked and I haven’t written for almost the entire month of September! In all fairness, I blinked and the month was gone. How did this month go by so quickly? I don’t even know!  Well I want to introduce you to a new to me brand called  Pyne and Smith . I was introduced to this brand when they reached out to me and let me tell you, I’m loving their newest collection!  I was sent this beautiful purple linen dress and believe me, it’s amazing! I love the way the linen is a soft linen and not scratchy. I love that the silhouette is a straight one but does come with a self fabric belt for a more structured look. I also love that this dress can be dressed up or down!  I’m wearing the Collection 35 in the cassis linen. These dresses are all ethically made which is a bonus and they use the softest European 100% flax linen. They’re functional with pockets too and the size range has recently been expanded to a 3x.  I think you’r