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Forty Before Forty: Karaoke and a Shot of Courage

Two more things I can cross off of my list. This last weekend I had a lot of fun going out with some of my friends. I love that when I mention my list, people are willing to help me accomplish things! I happened to mention at book club a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to go do karaoke. This was one of the things that I actually have done before but it's been a while- like a couple of years.  My friend said there was a place not far from her house so we all met up and went out for some fun on a Saturday night. We got there early - as in around 8:30- but karaoke didn't start until 9:30. We watched the guy "Jeff" carry in all of the equipment. He finally made an announcement around 9:45 that it was time for karaoke and walked around and passed out music books and slips.  My friends and I searched forever for songs to sing. At first, no one was going to sing with me but finally they took pity on me and said they would sing. Three out of the four of us got up an

Sunday Style: Pinterest Inspired

Some days you just need a little inspiration. I've talked about Pinterest a lot because you can find so many things on it. Today's Jumpin' July Style challenge was Pinterest inspired so I turned to the giant database in the sky for some outfit inspiration.  I was looking for something casual yet fun. I was looking for something that caught my eye and that I could recreate using my own clothes. Pinterest inspired doesn't always mean that you have to copy it exactly. I like to also recreate a look that is based on the pin but may not be exactly the same.  Take this outfit for example. Today I just looked under Fashion and found so many great ideas. I pinned a ton of things already for fall too. I found this pin though and thought, I like yellow with a white jacket and jeans so let's see what I can do with it.  Here's the pin today's look is based on: I took my white jacket and put it over a bright yellow tank and boyfriend jeans. I have the

Jumpin' July Style: Days 17-24

It's hard to believe July is almost over! This month's style challenge has been a lot of fun and I have already been looking ahead to fall. If you caught my Instagram post earlier in the week, you saw the super cute cross body bag that I picked up at Target this week.  I'm not quite ready for boots and jeans and pumpkin spice lattes yet though so let's recap these great summer looks that happened over the course of this week.  Day 17- Make A Statement- I love the punk floral print so much from J Crew that I wish I would have bought make! It goes with a lot of different colors so this day I wore it with a pink cardigan over it and leopard heels for extra fun. A great print and a great necklace definitely make a statement!  I chose @kaitcopter to feature for this day. I love the punk floral skirt paired with a graphic tee- she surely is making a statement in this outfit!  Day 18- Zebra Stripes and Leopard Spots- I didn't know if I would

Head Over Heels

Today I was actually quite happy with the way my outfit turned out. I have literally been looking for this floral cove top from J Crew forever and am glad that I finally found it on a huge sale and used some of a gift card also to purchase it! I like the shape and feel of this top but I was hesitant to purchase it since I bought it on final sale.   I was so glad when I received it that I loved the fit and the look of it! (FYI-I am totally not a risk-taker when it comes to final sale...) I decided to pair it with a navy pleated skirt (also J Crew) because the look was simple and basic, yet somehow elegant. I wore my pearls and some great bow heels for the daytime look. Here’s the look dressed up:   Let’s keep it real though; I work from home so naturally I do not like sitting around all day wearing heels. I did, however, volunteer today for Dress for Success so thought it would be a good idea to wear something that was more professional than a pair of jeans or shor

Free Bird

If you’ve been following along with me for long, you’ve seen me say that as far as fashion is concerned, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go”. That’s how I feel about today’s outfit. I am sure it’s not too matchy-matchy but I’m not mad about it either! Today’s Jumpin’ July Style challenge is Free Bird so naturally I thought I would wear something with birds on it. Problem: I have two items with birds-wait, make that three- two are scarves and one is this tee shirt. I am not going to wear a scarf on one of the hottest days this year! (Currently it’s 90 degrees!). So, a tee shirt it is. I decided to wear this fun striped skirt because it is one of my favorites. I bought this at Anthropologie a couple of years ago when I finished up a project at work. I saw it in the store while out in CA and I loved it but wasn’t ready to spend the money and pay full price. I kept an eye on it online and it went on sale, so I made it mine! I love navy-it’s such a great neutral- and t