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Sunday Style: Chic Soul April New Arrivals

Happy Sunday! Our weather is great today- nice and warm and some light breezes. I did brunch earlier with some friends and then have been working around the house today. I hope your day has been great as well!  I got two looks from  Chic Soul  this month to share with you. Only two because I grabbed a couple of fun accessories too to pair with them! The first look is a casual one with this fun green  top  and distressed denim. I love the color of green of this  top   it’s my favorite shade of green! It’s oversized with plenty of room and pairs nicely with these denim or would be fun with shorts too! The  denim  is distressed and has some little paint splotches on them.  They  have a high waistband and straight legs. I would also pair these with a moto jacket and make a fun rocker look with these.  You can shop the top  here   You can shop the denim  here   I also got a couple of accessories to go with both looks. These red  earrings  are so fun! I love them and they will go with a lot

Sunday Style: Bluebonnet Season

It’s bluebonnet season here in Texas!  Bluebonnets come up in the spring and last a few weeks- if we’re lucky! I have been coming to this field for a few years which is near a cemetery close to me. I love all of the spring flowers but bluebonnets are so cool! I love that they’re native here- something I sure didn’t see when I was up in Michigan!  You have to be very careful and watch out for bees and snakes and other critters when you’re in the flowers - stay on the paths where the flowers don’t grow and for crying out loud, don’t trample on them!  I got this beautiful tiered floral ombré  dress  from my friends at  Body By Love  and I knew it would be the one to wear for my annual bluebonnet pics! I am so happy I did! I added my straw hat and some basic closed toe shoes and voila! My outfit is complete!  Let me know what you think of the pics!  You can shop the dress  here   Thanks for reading and following along with me!  Sandae 

Sunday Style: Eshakti Dresses

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend and are ready to start a new week tomorrow!  In today’s post, I thought I’d share these dresses from  Eshakti . I got three of them to try and I do like all of them- full disclosure- these were gifted to me and I think if I did it again I would customize them.  What do you mean customize? Well I ordered by size which means “off the rack” if you will. You can also order them by sending your exact measurements and they will fit you exactly right. I noticed these were a little tight up top for my taste so that’s why I might try sending my measurements next time. I’ve purchased from  Eshakti  in the past several times and I did use my measurements and I feel they fit me better.  You can also customize by changing up things like the neckline, length and sleeves. I like the way it shows what the dress will look like when you make these changes too!  I’d recommend taking a look at the site- there’s so many fun looks! They make dresses mainly but