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After Christmas Comfort with Christopher and Banks

This post is sponsored by Christopher and Banks.  Oh hello there! Yes, you! The one who is stressed to the max after running all around for days (or even weeks for some of you) getting ready for Christmas! The one who’s kids are driving you bonkers over break! I’m here to talk about being comfortable after Christmas and give you some ideas of things you can do to relax!  I’m wearing a couple of super comfortable looks from  Christopher and Banks  in this post. These are from the  Activewear Relaxed, Restyled collection .  The first look is this sherpa collar knit  cardigan  and relaxed straight leg  pants .  I just put a plain tee shirt underneath but you can totally change the look based on what you like!  You can shop the cardigan  here .  You can shop the pants  here .  Looks like I need to do some relaxing of my own!  Here are some fun ideas for you to take some time and relax in comfort - with or without the kids!  1. Phone a friend and have a real conversation. Laugh and catch up

Sunday Style: Girl in a Coffee Shop

What do you get when you take a girl who loves coffee into a coffee shop for a photo shoot? You get a girl who’s smiling and laughing but on the inside really wants to drink that coffee.... I had a chance to meet up with a new photographer friend over the past week and I am thrilled with the outcome! I hope you are too!  It’s fun to meet up with a friend over coffee- one of my favorite things to do! I love the aroma of the coffee beans in the air and the click clacking of keys on the keyboard and the cute little babies with their mothers who are on a jaunt out while on maternity leave.  We met at Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids and shot a few looks this time. I wanted to show off this beautiful dress from  Maree Pour Toi  that could be a holiday look or just a dressier look to wear to a party or to a wedding. I paired my pink glitter booties with it for some color- cuz you all know I love my color!- and also a little pink clutch to match. I think pink isn’t a spring color but a color tha

Sunday Style: Snow Queen

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! I’ve been waiting for snow just so I could photograph this outfit! We finally got some this past week so I took a bit of time to capture my Winter Whites. Everything in this look is from Jessica London and I love how it all came together! I’d check the site often because lots of times they run sales for 50% off or even more! I will also link it all for you so you can shop it if you love any (or all!) of the pieces!  There isn’t any big story behind this look today other than I love all of the cream/winter whites and I knew as soon as I planned this look that it had to be photographed in front of this beautiful red building.  I also feel amazing wearing fur- just saying! It’s so luxurious- even if it is faux! This cape is so fun and underneath it is a gorgeous sweater dress. I paired taupe boots with it and I also added some cream gloves. This was one of the coldest days of the year so no pictures of me in just the dress.  Here’s some pics of this look:  So her