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Travel Tuesday: Sugar’s Inn Galveston

It’s a special edition of Travel Tuesday on a Thursday!   Ya’ll  need to get on board with going to Galveston! If you’re in the DFW area and you want to get to the beach, you can head south a few hours and get to Galveston easily! This was my second time visiting but I have a feeling I’ll be going back a little more often! I don’t have a ton of recommendations for you yet based on one weekend but the more I go, the more I’ll have!  First things first, where to stay?! There’s a new cute little boutique hotel in town named  Sugar‘s Inn  and I’m obsessed with the cuteness! It’s upstairs of one of Galveston’s finest restaurants  Sugar and Rye . Spoiler alert: I’ll be doing a giveaway with them over on Instagram too! Nothing better than a couple of nights away! My son and I went and we had separate rooms and each one was beautifully furnished from ceiling to floor! I took a bunch of pictures for you guys so you can check out how cute it is!  These are a few little sneak peeks of the rooms t

Sunday Style: Orange

Happy Sunday! I thought I’d bring back a fun color series that I did a long time ago. I basically wear an outfit of a certain color and then talk about that color- what it means, etc.  This week is super special because I just got back from Hawai’i and I splurged and hired a professional photographer while I was there. Making memories is super important to me and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. These pictures are my souvenirs from the trip and I am so happy with them- I even did a bikini shoot that I am low key obsessed with!- more to come on that!  For today’s color, we are talking about orange. Orange is the color between red and yellow on the spectrum of visible light. Orange represents energy, vitality, excitement, adventure, warmth and good health. It’s no surprise that orange is one of my favorite colors to wear! It’s a vibrant color and commands attention! Orange is also a color that you’ll find on a lot of marketing as it grabs your attention and is easy on

Travel Tuesday: Waxahachie TX

Look no further than Waxahachie for a cute little town in Texas to enjoy! It’s full of fun little shops- think antiques, candy, popcorn, boutiques and a soda shop!  Waxahachie has lots of examples of Victorian architecture and gingerbread- style homes. You’ll find many are bed and breakfasts here! You’ll also see the beautiful Richardson Romanesque courthouse in the middle of the downtown square.  My son and I love going to new little towns and exploring. It’s one of our new favorite things to do in Texas! There are so many cute little towns that we haven’t gotten to yet but Waxahachie has been on my list for a little while!  The town itself is small with a population of only about 43,000 people, it’s a small city with a big heart. It’s coined the “Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas” and boasts a beautiful downtown square with an old courthouse in the middle.  You’ll find plenty of places to explore and see nature as well as shops and places to eat. If antiques is your thing, you’ll really

Travel Tuesday: Acme Hotel Chicago

This year has brought some fun already with travel and it’s only February! Last weekend I headed to the Windy City for a quick trip to visit with a friend. I stayed at the  Acme Hotel  which is a perfect place to stay downtown! It’s within walking distance to the Magnificent Mile and it’s not a far ride to all of the tourist destinations!  Let’s check out this place, shall we?  You can tell just by the artwork how fun this place is going to be, right? I loved the pops of color and trendy vibes of this hotel!  Let’s take a look at my room- it was a King suite and had the prettiest view of downtown buildings from the sitting area!  Check out this view!  I just love Chicago! The architecture is so beautiful and it’s a lovely mix of old and new!  Okay back to the hotel… The elevators in the lobby are fun! And then peep the insides of them too!  And my room door said Ciao! It was as if they know me so well!  There are a couple of areas to grab coffee and drinks here as well. The Berkshire R