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Chic Soul January New Arrivals

I am so excited to share my picks for January from  Chic Soul ! I wanted to find some items that will be beautiful for Valentine’s Day as well! I’ve linked everything in this post below and you can use my code SANDAE15 to take 15% off your purchase! For this photo session, we were upstairs in the greenhouse area of the  Downtown Market  in Grand Rapids. I loved the ambience but the day we went, families with small children were everywhere! We didn’t have the best timing! But I still think we managed to capture some good shots!  First look is this gorgeous red sparkly dress! I love this for a date night! I paired it with my leopard clutch and some black heels. I think this is a perfect dress for a night out on the town!  You can shop the dress  here   This second look is just too sweet!  I love the black and white spots on this dress and I thought pink sparkly boots would be perfect with it! I also got these earrings from  Chic Soul  (they’re no longer available) and I can’t wait to wea

WhatUp Wednesday #75

Hi friends! Wow! It’s been since the beginning of the month since I did one of these posts! I try to stay up on these but I’ll tell you, life just gets busy and sometimes I don’t have the time.  Okay well then enough of the excuses...let’s get right into it! Today’s look is from a new to me online boutique called  My Sister’s Closet Boutique ! They have both straight sizes and plus sizes and some of the cutest items I’ve seen! I’m wearing the dress below in navy and white polka dots with these boots that are from  Jessica London . Can I just say how fabulous navy boots are??)  Anyways, this dress is so fun with the ruffled tulip hem and the neck tie. It’s perfect for wearing out and dressing up with heels or to work with boots!  I also got two other dresses that I tried on last week in my stories on Instagram. One looks like it’s not available any longer but the other I will show you those below so you can shop that one with me as well if you’d like!  You can shop the polka dot dress 

Valentine’s Day Shopping with Catherine’s

This post is sponsored by  Catherine’s .  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Whether you have a sweetie or not, people celebrate it all sorts of ways! Pink cupcakes and cookies taken to work, heart shaped doughnuts, candy and cards in your kids classrooms- the thrill of love is in the air!  I decided to go to the  Downtown Market  in Grand Rapids and look around for some unique gifts. I wore this fun outfit from  Catherine’s  and it definitely put me in the mood!  I love this  striped top with sequin hearts !  It’s such a fun top! I paired it with the  red knit jeans  and  wide calf black boots . For accessories, I love these  heart earrings  and I’m even wearing matching  socks !  I looked around at a few places in the market.  Love’s  has some of the best treats around! I love their ice cream and they have a lot of fun boxed items that can be purchased as well!  Aperitivo  has some of the best things around- I mean, if you’re into cheese and deli stuff and jams and sauces...I co

Sunday Style: Sequins and Animal Print

I decided to show off a fun look for today’s post! If you’ve been following along with me, you know that I met a fantastic photographer who likes to shoot me using ideas that I come up with. She’s also good at telling me how to pose and it has been making my content really stand out!  Now on to today’s look- I love a great sequin  dress ! I saw this  dress  and immediately thought I wanted to do something different and fun with it. I paired these  animal print boots  with it and I’m in love! I love the mix of textures and styles- dressy and casual, sequins and animal print.  Check out these pics below and tell me what you think!  You can shop the dress  here   You can shop the boots  here   I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for reading and following along with me!  Sandae 

The Bachelor Balderdash 01/20/2020

Well it's week three of this dramatic show called The Bachelor . It starts off with Hannah Ann crying that she is not a champagne stealer ( eye roll here for sure). Girls are sitting around crying to other girls and the whole mood is somber and so dramatic that I would swear we are at a funeral or Peter left the show for Hannah B or some other nonsense.  In the midst of all of this, Victoria P. gets swept away for a 1x1 date with Peter. He picks her up in an old truck and they cruise through his hometown. He then takes her for a romantic date to the boot store- yes, to buy some boots- and then whisks her to the country nightclub for some daytime line dancing. He takes her to an airplane hangar to end the night for a romantic dinner surrounded by planes. She tells him her sad backstory- which I wonder if you need to have to be on this show? Anyways, her dad died when she was younger and her mom fell into addiction. She is now a nurse and has basically been a caretaker her entire l

The Bachelor Balderdash 01/13/2020

Welcome back to the second edition of The Bachelor Balderdash where I discuss this week's show- the highlights and the lowlights and everything in between! If you didn't read my post last week, go ahead and give it a look here so you are up to date on my feelings of this show and my point of view. We begin this week's show with Peter and Hannah B in their cozy spot in the middle of Hannah's breakdown. Tears and mascara are running and they struggle to define the terms of this relationship and where it is headed. NOTE: I wonder how long this actually took place! We only see portions of this so I really wonder how many minutes/hours they talked about this.  Peter told Hannah "You're the one who said no to me. I never said no to you". Way to throw it back to her, Peter. Hannah continues to lament that she doesn't know if she made the right decision. Peter asks her to stay in the house with the other girls. Can we just stop for a minute though and t

Sunday Style: Red Peplum Lewk

The holidays might be over but I’m still serving up lewks (that’s looks for you that don’t know what I’m talking about lol) that you can wear during the holidays and beyond! I saw this top from  Asoph  on Instagram and immediately fell in love with it! If you know me, then you know I love giant ruffles and giant bows! I love that this top also has an asymmetrical feel to it as one side is sleeveless at the shoulder and the other is not. I also love the heavier weight material of the scuba fabric of this top as I feel it really lifts and holds things in place!  Now about the pants, these are  faux leather leggings  from  Chic Soul  that I sized up in to make sure they weren’t so tight that they looked horrible. You know what I mean- I don’t need to explain. Anyways, I have big legs so I do have to have pants that fit me well and these do the trick!  I added my leopard clutch that I’ve had for years because it’s my favorite and because I love a pop of leopard with a solid outfit!  It’s a