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Joyful June Style Challenge

We have only a couple more days left in May and I still cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by! I have been extremely busy these last few weeks primarily with work, but also in my personal life.   I find that I need to stop and think and live in the now because before you know it, you will be looking back and time will have flown by! Time is one thing that does not stop! Anyways, enough of that! I first rolled out the style challenge last week on Friday on Instagram.   I received a lot of requests from people asking for a June challenge since they enjoyed the May one so much. I am flattered that people have been doing the challenge and have been loving it! My goal is to create something that we can show our own personal style while having fun and wearing our clothes from our closet. I also love to build up and encourage other by showcasing a look from each day on the blog. More on that later… I also am participating in no shopping for the summer (with a few ex

Marvelous May Style: Days 23-27

Well this is almost the last installment of the Marvelous May Style challenge! I'm having so much fun looking through all of the pictures and seeing how creative everyone is! May is almost over so I thought I would break up the last days of the challenge instead of waiting until the end.  Day 23- Fabulous Flats- I have a lot of shoes. Flats, heels, sandals, you name it. A couple of months ago I happened upon these flats at TJ Maxx. It wasn't quite the weather to be wearing them yet, but I knew when it was I would get a lot if wear from them! I love everything about these- the color, the style, the fit, everything! I wore these with these fun pants that I got at Ann Taylor last summer. It was fun wearing these with all of the different shades of blue!  I chose to feature @tayloradaly because let's face it- glitter flats are fabulous flats! She always looks cute and put together but I thought these shoes were perfect for today's challenge!  Day 24- D

Marvelous May Style: Days 15-22

This week's challenge was so much fun! I see more and more pictures for each day's challenge. I love seeing how creative everyone is too!  Day 15- Thrifted Thursday- I know there are a lot of us that love going thrifting and looking for items to build our wardrobes. Sometimes I get lucky and find something that's really good. I think this floral dress is just that! I remember finding this dress at the Goodwill earlier this year. I have worn it before with a chartreuse cardigan and belt so I thought I would change it up and wear a bright blue jacket this time.  I chose to feature @mythriftycloset365 for this day. I love the bright green color of her dress and I loved her attitude and smile in this picture. She just looks like she is loving life and having fun!  Day 16- Living Life to the Max(I)- I love maxi dresses! I read once that maxi dresses are like crotchless yoga pants. I can live with that! I think a great maxi can be dressed up or down and they a

Passion for Fashion

Today’s style challenge was Passion for Fashion.   When I made the Marvelous May Style challenge, I wanted there to be days where everyone could be themselves and feature different items or in some cases, even people, who inspired them or their favorites. When I came up with this theme, I thought all of my IG friends would have something to wear-something they loved, something that they were passionate about or inspired them. My outfit today is a mis-mash of a little bit of everything.   I love a good floral and I didn’t think to mix a lot of patterns until I started viewing other peoples’ pictures on Instagram.   I thought it was something that I might not be able to pull off but I tried it once or twice and loved it! As I am writing this, I am looking at a bag that I think ignited a little of my passion for fashion.   Being a true 90’s girl, I loved loved loved this jade green Liz Claiborne handbag.   In all the years of moving and growing older, I never found mine until

Sunday Style: Target Style

I've told you all that I look for inspiration everywhere. It can be in magazines, on the internet, on television or in real life. For today's outfit, I happened to be in Target a while back and noticed this signage that inspired my look today: I had this skirt from Target and a mint top from J C Penney already and the cardigan happened to be on sale that week so I grabbed it. I had a Loft bow belt and a pair of shoes from TJ Maxx that I knew would be perfect with it so I knew this look would be easy for me to recreate. What I love about this look is that I don't think I would have ever paired these colors together but I love the way they look! That's why I look for inspiration everywhere I go!  Today's Marvelous May Style challenge is that's so clutch so this outfit wouldn't be complete without a cute clutch! I decided to carry this cute straw one from Banana Republic that I got last summer. It's fun and functional. I also piled on the turq

Marvelous May Style Challenge: Days 8-14

Well, it happened again! Another week flew by! This style challenge has been so much fun! I know I made it up but I am allowed to say that it's been fun, right? I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures on Instagram and have loved connecting with new people!  Day 8- My Favorite Things- I always say my favorite things aren't things- but if I had to choose some things that I love to wear and use, this picture is a good example! I love wearing dresses (especially with pockets), statement necklaces, leopard print, bows on toes- you get the idea!  I chose to feature my pal Keila @mommyinmilwaukee on this day for a couple of reasons- first of all, she is one of the most adorable expectant mothers I have ever seen! Secondly, how could I not pick her since we match?  Day 9- Silver Linings- every cloud has a silver lining- we've ll heard this before so why not show off our silver? I'm doing this in the form of both shoes and accessories and wearing Old