Marvelous May Style: Days 15-22

This week's challenge was so much fun! I see more and more pictures for each day's challenge. I love seeing how creative everyone is too! 

Day 15- Thrifted Thursday- I know there are a lot of us that love going thrifting and looking for items to build our wardrobes. Sometimes I get lucky and find something that's really good. I think this floral dress is just that! I remember finding this dress at the Goodwill earlier this year. I have worn it before with a chartreuse cardigan and belt so I thought I would change it up and wear a bright blue jacket this time. 

I chose to feature @mythriftycloset365 for this day. I love the bright green color of her dress and I loved her attitude and smile in this picture. She just looks like she is loving life and having fun! 

Day 16- Living Life to the Max(I)- I love maxi dresses! I read once that maxi dresses are like crotchless yoga pants. I can live with that! I think a great maxi can be dressed up or down and they are so comfortable! I love this black and white graphic print maxi that I got last year at the Ann Taylor outlet. I chose to accentuate it with mint accessories and I had to grab a jacket since it was a little chilly still. This outfit is definitely one of my favorites! 

For today's challenge, I had to pick two people. Well, one person and one group of people. I love @zombiegirl74 in this black and white maxi dress! I think it's very flattering and fun! I also wanted to show @cherryryan and her group at work. They have all been doing the challenge together and having fun. Coincidentally they all showed up matching at work this day! 

Day 17- Boho Glam- I like the boho look when I see it on other people. I imagine a pretty look when going to a music festival or an outside movie. This happened to be a busy Saturday for us so I did the best I could on this day! It happened to also get colder so I chose the same shirt I was going to wear but put a jacket and jeans with it instead. I also love these turquoise sandals and thought they went well with the rest of the accessories and clothes I was wearing. 

I chose the newly engaged @queenm2004 to feature on this day. I thought the random shot was just too cute! I loved the look and of course she was shopping and with with Starbucks- two of my faves! 

Day 18- That's So Clutch- did you ever say that or remember people saying that? I love a great clutch and sometimes I even find myself building my outfit around one! This was a Sunday and I copied a look from Target- read all about it in my latest Sunday Style post. 

I chose to feature  @je_suis_charissa this day because her bicycle clutch was just too darling! I thought it was fun and a whimsical touch to her outfit. 

Day 19- Mix it Up! - I thought a lot of people would do pattern mixing on this day. I was pleased to read comments though that people were wearing things together that they hadn't worn before! That's the goal of a style challenge is to help people get dressed wearing things they already have. I wore a polka dot shirt and scarf but paired it with olive instead of blue jeans. I think I like it better this way! 

I chose @queserasarah to feature for this day. She did do pattern mixing and I thought her outfit was adorable! I love the striped skirt with the floral top! 

Day 20- Teal and Turquoise on a Tuesday- well first of all, I will tell you that, yes, I did wear these pants the week before. Believe it or not, I actually had someone point that out on my IG account. Remember me? The person who likes to show you how to make your clothes go farther and wear things different ways? Anyways, enough about that! I did wear these pants again because I like them and they go well for this day's theme. I love this floral top that I got at Banana Reepublic last year. I love the vibrant colors in it! 

I chose my friend Jamie @jro1583 for this day. I love the colors and the pattern mixing that she did! She is just too cute every day! 

Day 21- Passion for Fashion- I like to think that fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it. I wrote a whole blog post on this topic too the other day. I also paired some things together that are old and I haven't worn in a while. This ruffled top actually has small stripes in it and the skirt is such a pretty floral. I put the belt on it because of the green stones in it and added some leopard shoes. While some might think this is a bit busy or is not for them, I actually thought this outfit was fun and classically styled at the same time. 

I chose @simplyfab26 for this day to be featured. I love the pink with the leopard and she is always so nicely dressed and accessorized! 

Day 22- Dressed for Success- I didn't know how people would interpret this day- would they wear a dress or dress up or dress professionally? I saw all of those and I think everyone looked fantastic! I didn't know when I made this list that I was actually going to be volunteering that day at Dress for Success! I chose to wear a black dress and layer it for this day. I think this was one of my favorite outfits ever! I loved the leopard with it and the coral necklace. 

I chose @msemilyread to feature for this day. I love how she put a blazer over her dress and talked about making her clothes professional. I feel exactly the same way and like to have fun with my clothes while still looking professional. 

There's the weekly recap for you guys! We are almost at the end of May! I did make a June style challenge called Joyful June Style challenge. We will be using the  hashtag #joyfuljunestyle on Instagram. Same rules apply. You can wear whatever you want for the challenge. I encourage you to be creative and have fun! Remember in order to be featured on the blog, you have to be following me on IG and repost the style challenge picture to your profile. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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