Marvelous May Style: Days 23-27

Well this is almost the last installment of the Marvelous May Style challenge! I'm having so much fun looking through all of the pictures and seeing how creative everyone is! May is almost over so I thought I would break up the last days of the challenge instead of waiting until the end. 

Day 23- Fabulous Flats- I have a lot of shoes. Flats, heels, sandals, you name it. A couple of months ago I happened upon these flats at TJ Maxx. It wasn't quite the weather to be wearing them yet, but I knew when it was I would get a lot if wear from them! I love everything about these- the color, the style, the fit, everything! I wore these with these fun pants that I got at Ann Taylor last summer. It was fun wearing these with all of the different shades of blue! 

I chose to feature @tayloradaly because let's face it- glitter flats are fabulous flats! She always looks cute and put together but I thought these shoes were perfect for today's challenge! 

Day 24- Dressed in Denim- I spent a lot of time outside on Memorial Day weekend and a lot of time not dressed up since I was planting , getting a hair cut, etc. We went out at night so I put on this chambray dress and wore a cardigan with it. It was perfect for the night! 

I chose @emptyneststyle for this day for a couple of reasons. I loved her outfit (duh!) and she reminisced about sewing something similar when she was younger. 

Day 25- In the Navy- I will admit I didn't know how people would take this one- do I wear navy or anchors or both, etc. I thought everyone's looks were fun and creative and navy! Nice job! I wore this Joe Fresh dress that I got at JC Penney a few months ago. I used a coupon and paid less than $10 for it! I love the color and the shape! I think it's very flattering for my body type. 

I chose @maria_neonamber to feature for this day. I loved her whole look-especially her jewelry! So cute! 

Day 26- Patriotic Patsy- I thought this would be a fun way to see how many people would wear red white and blue. Needless to say, there were tons of pictures for this day! I wore some red pants with a navy and white striped tee and some navy and white striped shoes. I thought it was perfect for the BBQ that we attended! 

I chose @ckcq to feature for this day. Her look was so simple yet so stylish and put together. That's what fashion is about- it doesn't have to be complicated! 

Day 27- Animal Kingdom- I figured most people on Instagram would at least have something leopard to wear for this day. I wore this dress that I bought on final sale from Loft at the end of the summer. It was such a good deal and it is so comfortable! Of course I wore my leopard sandals with it! 

I chose to feature @aem8168 for this day. I love her leopard skirt and her outfit and she is just too darn cute! 

Thanks again to everyone who is participating! I know I am having fun and it looks like you all are too! The Joyful June Style challenge has already been posted to Instagram so start getting your looks ready for next month! 



  1. Such cute looks on everyone! Love your cute denim dress, Sandae. And all your looks are fab, of course. Looking forward to our June style challenge!
    Dawn Lucy (Fashion Should Be Fun)

  2. I'm going to try my best to in on June Style Challenge more then I did this month

  3. I am so loving the way you have been styling printed pants!! That necklace in teh first outfit is fabulous!!


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