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Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition

When we were growing up, we didn't celebrate Halloween. We had Harvest parties but we never dressed up and went trick or treating. It was also my mom's birthday so we usually had cake or something but nothing to do with such a "pagan" holiday.  Fast forward to us having our own child and wanting to celebrate! Every year we visit Greenfield Village as a family and do the Pumpkin Walk. Hundreds of pumpkins are carved and decorated and line the streets of the village. Costumes of classic characters are worn by the workers, treats are handed out and children ( and grown- ups alike) are scared by the scarecrows and Headless Horseman.  Every year we attend this with a couple of friends so I thought I would show you some of our most recent costumes from the last few years. I apologize in advance for poor quality of some of the photos! A lot of times we try to do a theme but at least my husband and I will do a couple costume or a family costume.  2010- this year w

Outstanding October Style: Days 15-22

I realize I am a little late in posting these looks this time. I hope you all will forgive me for not posting this sooner! I've been extremely busy at work the last couple of weeks and then I wrote this post and then somehow deleted the whole thing! Oh well- here goes the recap!  I don't know about you all but the weather here is getting colder. Outside pictures on some days are freezing and layers are starting to pile on! Fall is almost over it feels like and winter is beginning! While I am writing this, it is currently cloudy and 50 degrees outside!  I'm feeling a little nostalgic about the waning of warmer temps but I am loving all of the fall clothes! Everyone has been doing such a great job of keeping up with the daily themes too! Here's a recap from the past week or so: Day 15-Mix It Up! - I decided I really didn't need another leopard cardigan but I saw how so many people were wearing it and it seemed so versatile, so I decided to pick it up a few

Sunday Style: Skirting the Issue

Today's Outstanding October Style challenge is all about skirts. I love a good skirt- one that is the perfect length, has pockets, fits and flares, etc. Skirts have so many possibilities! Long or short, straight or full, you get the picture.  I saw this skirt from Eva Mendes collection from New York and Company and was smitten. It is the perfect floral for fall and winter and looks great dressed up or down.  I am wearing this skirt today with a striped tee and a black faux leather jacket over it with these great shoeties. I also imagine this with a turtleneck and black long boots. Or maybe a cardigan and some flats. There really are a lot of options for it!  Here's some pictures from today's look: Skirt- New York and Company (recent) Faux leather jacket- Old Navy (recent) Striped tee- Gap (old)  Shoeties- DSW (recent)  Pearls- J Crew (old) Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! 

Sunday Style: Sassy In Stripes

Today's look was something I thought of only this morning when I wanted to wear something with stripes. I love this skirt and decided I needed to wear it again today before it gets too cold.  I love pattern mixing and I actually wore this sweatshirt and plaid shirt together last year. In fact, I wore it with jeans and my herringbone vest over top. I thought today I would dress it up and wear it with a skirt and heels.  I like the way it turned out! Sometimes the best outfits are the ones I don't fret over and come up with last minute.  Here's some pictures from today's look:  Plaid shirt- J Crew Factory (last year) Striped sweatshirt- Target (last year) Skirt- Eloquii (summer)  Leopard heels- Target (last year)  Hope you're having a great Sunday!  Sandae

Nerdy Chic

I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with today's theme for Outstanding October Stylr- Nerdy Chic. Is there even such a thing? I mean, who decides what is nerdy and what is chic? What if something I like you consider nerdy and I consider chic?  Enough of this nonsense- I decided to look more "nerdy" but what I actually call "smart" wearing glasses today. I wore a blinded out sweater over a polka dot long sleeve oxford. Here comes the fun part! I am actually showing you two different ways to wear this!  I love to get more mileage out of my clothes and be able to mix and match things. I used to think that I could only wear certain items for certain occasions. Now I am able to play around more with my clothes and wear them different ways and create different looks.  The first look is what I wore to work. I took the top pieces and paired them with a navy blue pleated skirt and belted it with a leopard belt. I wore my nude bow pumps