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Sunday Style: Sweettooth Hotel

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! This past week  I went with a friend to visit the Sweettooth Hotel and had so much fun! The Sweettooth Hotel is a pop-up art installation in Dallas that is here for a couple of months. We were able to score tickets during our lunchtime and explored the area and took lots of pics! These aren't even all of them but wanted to include some of my faves! The Sweettooth Hotel is made up of five sugar-fueled rooms and is so fun to explore! You start out in the cactus room which is lit with neon cacti and a room full of mirrors. This room was so fun! It was simple and basic yet probably the most fun to photograph in because of the neon! Then there is the bathroom with the tub that I literally could have taken a bazillion pics in but I didn't. The black and white tile is a fun backdrop for pics too but come on, a tub with fur in it? I mean it was literally the best!  Then there was a cloud in the hallway that would have thunder and lightning the louder tha

WhatUp Wednesday #36

Hey friends! It’s that time again! I am loving the summer but not the heat we have been getting. I don’t know about you all but it seems like it got hotter a lot earlier here in TX. I feel like we are having temps that normally come around later in August! Such is life I suppose! This past week I actually did a few things so that was super fun. I will write about the restaurants that I visited below. I will also recap the outfits from this past week. I haven’t really been watching any new shows since The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu ended- I am just looking forward to the next season of it. I really hope Serena rises up against her husband-maybe with some handmaids or Marthas. But alas I am watching The Office again on Netflix and laughing my way through the week. Here’s an outfit of the day recap for you including a new pic from Galveston that I didn’t show yet: I forgot to add the link to this dress above from SheIn above last week. You can shop

Sunday Style: Lemons

When life gives you lemons, buy the crop top. I cannot even believe I am wearing a crop top! There are things in my life that I didn't really have a set viewpoint on one way or another and a crop top is one of them. I have to tell you though, the older I get, the more confident and empowered that I feel.  I was in Galveston for the Curvy Summer Scene last weekend and a couple of girls and myself were going out to dinner. Something about being in the presence of women who treat each other as equals and share their stories, including the good and the bad, just motivates me to continue to live my best life.  So I showered after being at the beach and I put this little number on and went to dinner. I pulled at it a few times but overall I loved it. I was insecure at first because after all, it is my first time wearing something like this in public! But then I let go and felt like a million bucks. I felt cool and comfortable and relaxed while we ate and drank and told stories and sh

WhatUp Wednesday #35

Oh boy! I have done it again! Ignored you all and gone off and had so many fun adventures without you! Well, let me start by saying that I have officially been at the new job for a month and I am loving it! I have learned so many things and I know I have much more to learn! I love being challenged so this is great for me!  I recently went to Galveston for a few days and I posted in my stories a few times about it but I am going to tell you all about it in another blog post! I feel a trip this fun deserves its own story!  Wanna catch up on some fashion first? Great! Let me tell you all about this top I am wearing today! It is from SheIn and it is seriously one of my new favorites. I love a good gingham pattern and this top is certainly no exception! I paired it with white distressed jeans, bright earrings and clutch and yellow heels! Why not have all the color??  SheIn has some amazing pieces and I love being able to show you some of them! Did you know I go