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WhatUp Wednesday #2

Well, here we are a week later. I cannot believe that Memorial Day has already come and gone but it sure has! I am one of those that thinks Memorial Day is the beginning of summer. Too bad the schools don’t agree and don’t schedule accordingly… My Memorial Day weekend was uneventful. I was sick so I had to stay home from work on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was also spent feeling ill but by Sunday afternoon I was able to get out and walk around the mall and catch some sales. Side note: the mall is a great place to walk when it’s hot out and you want to get some light exercise. Monday was primarily spent cleaning since I hadn’t had a chance to do it- those dishes and bathrooms don’t clean themselves! Where is that Rosie the Robot from Jetsons when you need one?! I finished the book I mentioned last week, The Circle. Boy, was it good! I won’t tell you about it in the event that you want to go out and get it to read, but it was so engaging and thought provoking! I am loving al

WhatUp Wednesday #1

I decided I would start a new series called, What Up Wednesday. It will be about what’s up or what I am liking or reading or whatever I want it to be about really.   Today’s post will have a few things I am loving! First up is my new Shieldon phone case. I didn’t know how much I would love this case until I took it with me when I went to Colorado a couple of weeks ago. It made it so easy to travel in the airport with my license and credit cards right with me in my phone. I was able to scan my boarding pass and then have everything right at my fingertips. I also like to use it to watch Netflix as it has an awesome design that also allows it to stand. Check it out below!             Want your own? Use the code SDCODE10 to get a 10% discount on your own case!   Next up, is this book,   The Circle. I cannot get enough of it! I started it on Saturday and I am about ¾ of the way done with it. It is definitely intriguing and I can’t wait to find out what hap

Sunday Style: Sassy in Stripes

This Dainty Jewells dress makes me feel sassy. It also makes me want to go to sailing. This dress has a nautical feel to it and can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories. I wasn’t able to find a marina (you know there’s not as many lakes here in TX as there was in MI) but I bet it would be extra sassy getting on a boat as well. Seriously though, this Bon Voyage midi dress is all that and a bag of chips. The white and navy stripes elongate the body and the waist gets attention by the belt tied tightly around it. So figure-flattering! I have worked with Dainty Jewells before and I love their dresses! They are a modest modern clothing company with plenty of options to look beautiful and graceful. They have quality merchandise with gorgeous patterns and materials. So while I wasn’t on a boat, I did find a bridge by some water to take these pics: Dress- Dainty Jewells Sandals- Charming Charlies Clutch- Dia&Co I h