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WhatUp Wednesday #44

Hi friends! WhatUp Wednesday was delayed a day because I was tired and didn’t feel like writing last night! Sometimes I’m just tired and there isn’t any reason other than that! I seriously fell asleep on my bed at the wrong end of it no less while looking at my phone. (Insert shrug emoji here lol)  So who went shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Anyone get any good deals? I’ve been working a part time job and have been so busy doing that and looking for a new full time job that I just didn’t make it out! I bought one thing on Cyber Monday which was a pair of sequin joggers- I mean, the most practical purchase ever!  I’ll be starting to post some holiday looks before too long here and on Instagram! Be sure to let me know if there is anything that you want to see specifically!  So here’s a super cute outfit that I want to show you in today’s post and it’s activewear from  Fabletics ! I am loving this combo! It’s perfect for working out or wearing out to shop or a casual brunch! Cli

Sunday Style: Feeling Flirty in Floral

This post is in collaboration with Macy’s and City Chic. All opinions are my own.  It’s that time again! The time when a lot of places in the country start to get cooler temps, college football is on the television, the leaves begin to change colors and the pumpkin spice aroma is strong. Here in Texas, we have somewhat cooler temps if you count the 80’s instead of the 90’s…But anyways, it’s fall! One of my favorite times of the year!  Disclaimer: this was written when it was warmer outside!  One of the things with fall that can be hard is knowing what to wear and how to dress for the current temps. I am loving items from City Chic at Macy’s because they have taken the guessing out of it for you! City Chic embodies a bold, sexy, glam and chic lifestyle; designing for the confident curvy woman who has a passion for fashion and style . City Chic also has fabulous mix and match pieces or dresses like the one I am showing you today. Now this faux-wrap  dress  is really something special. I

WhatUp Wednesday #43

Hi friends! I bet a lot of you are getting your turkeys defrosted and side dishes started tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving holiday! My son and I will be going to eat at a friend’s house tomorrow and I’m super excited to be sharing the day with her and her family!  In case if you were wondering, I really won’t be sharing gift guides or tons of sales on the blog. I might actually visit a store here and there and maybe show you a few things, but other than that, that will be about it. I’m still looking for work and personally can’t spend money but I’m all about helping others if I see something while I’m browsing online or if I’m out and about.  So this last week has not been super exciting. I haven’t been feeling the greatest and I really think it’s this weather getting me down a little. I’m grateful that I’m not back up north in the cold and snow but the early darkness might have me in a little funk. I did do one thing this last week that was sooo cool but I’ll write a

Style Spotlight: Fashom

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a whole post for a brand in the Spotlight but this one is special and I needed to share it with you!  Fashom is a subscription box company that offers options for all sizes including plus, maternity and petite. You can also request a styling session whenever you are in the mood for one which I think is awesome! Let me walk you through my experience on !  You sign up and create a style profile either on the app or online  here . The style profile asks you about your preferences and sizes. You can also select certain styles that you like over others. After you create the style profile, then a stylist will begin to style outfits for you. In a couple of  days, you will get an email which will contain choices in it. That’s definitely something I loved about this service is that I have a say in what I want sent to me! There are seven pieces selected  and you will choose five for your box.  Once you get your box, you can try on and then

WhatUp Wednesday #42

Hey everyone! Wednesday is here- hump day! Remember that commercial with the camel who said that? I don’t know why but I always think about that and I laugh and laugh. Anyways, I thought I’d catch you up to speed on what’s been going on with me lately. I’m still looking for full time work but I’m also getting stuff done while I’ve been off work.  I don’t have tons to report on today but let me show you today’s outfit and the others from this past week!  I call today’s look “ Glitzy Prep” because this plaid and sweater with ruffles is so preppy and pretty! Add the pink sequin boots for the glitz! This is from the  Draper James for Eloquii  collection! Its no secret how much I love  Eloquii   I’ll link the pieces below for you to shop!  There was an old truck parked where I take my pics so why not stand by it? I have no idea whose truck it is. (Insert shrug shoulders emoji here)!  Shop the pants  here   Shop the sweater  here   Shop the boots  here   Here are a few more outfits from this