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WhatUp Wednesday #66

Hey friends! It’s been a busy week over here! I enrolled my son into High School classes this week- wow! We are getting ready for the new year to start and anxiously awaiting how it will be in a new school! I featured a dress earlier this week from  Esprlia  and now I have one more to show you! I love their styles and I’m so glad they sent me a couple to try! My son and I went over to Holland and walked in the park and by the water. It was the perfect backdrop for some pics!  You can shop the dress  here   Shoes are old from Just Fab  I’ve been busy trying to find my way around West Michigan since I moved here a few weeks ago! I hope to be able to show off more of this beautiful side of the state!  Here are some other looks that you might have missed this week!  This dress from  Maree Pour Toi  tho! I added some booties and a hat since it’s getting close to fall but it’d also be cute with just some sandals!  This dress is a fun one from  Lularoe !  It’s a Marly dress and I paired it wi

WhatUp Wednesday #65

I’m sitting out on the balcony having a glass of wine while I write this tonight. There’s a breeze blowing and it’s about 75 degrees. The sun is setting on the corn fields. Are you getting a good visual on this?  Nope I’m not in TX anymore! If you have been following me over on Instagram, then you’ve been seeing me post new backgrounds and places over in west Michigan. Well it was time for a change and I’d like to think that this part of the states is gonna treat me better... That’s the main thing that’s been What’s Up With me this Wednesday!  Now back to more fashion related posts... I’ve been loving working with Jessica London over the past few months and I loved this white dress that I picked out! It comes with a self fabric belt but I chose to belt it with a tan and turquoise belt and accessorize with a scarf and pink shoes. It’s longer in the back than in the front so I love the extra depth of this dress when twirling!  I went to the campus of Grand Valley and shot a few pics in f

Sunday Style: Mad For Plaid

First of all, let’s just get this out there...don’t be surprised when fall and winter rolls around and I use the same title of the post! Lol - but really plaid is usually worn in the fall and winter. Much to my surprise when I saw a plaid dress in spring and summer, I naturally loved it!  Now that that has been said, Happy Sunday friends! I’m over here now in West Michigan living my best life and trying to get settled in. I’ve spent this last week resting up and getting ready to set the world on fire with my talents when I apply and interview for positions! I’ve wandered around a bit but I still am not really sure of my surroundings- although I know there is plenty to see and do. You’ll get to see so much more so stay tuned!  I met up with my friend Sarah a couple of weeks ago when I was still in Texas and we shot these pictures of this fun  Eloquii   dress . I have to tell you that I really do love plaid and this dress is so fun since it’s got all of my fave colors plus plaid! It’s al