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Presidents' Day, Going Bonkers and More

When I was younger, I remember working at the bank and getting two days off instead of one. I know there are others out there who used to get off of work and school for Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday! I did a little research because it was driving me crazy thinking about it and here's the gist of the story: Indeed it was originally two days celebrating both Presidents' birthdays. However, there was a shift in the date due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act ensuring long weekends for workers. In the 1980's, states were starting to change the name from Washington's Birthday to President's Day. By the early 2000's, most states had officially changed the date and the name to Presidents' Day. Federal offices and institutions (like banks!) are closed and most states take the day off and close state facilities as well.  Presidents' Day is always the third Monday of February and in modern days recognizes the lives of all the chief execut

Sunday Style: Terrific in Teal

Spring is coming!  It's hard being in Texas and seeing the seasons change- mainly because it's been about the same since I got here in November. It's cold for a day or two and then the temps warm up. Yesterday it was 80 degrees! Spring will be here soon and one of the great things is new prints from karinadresses . I've got the Carolyn  on in the Teal Fans design. The shape of this dress is terrific for every body type and the colors are fantastic! You can easily dress this one up or down.  I chose a nude heel and a floral clutch for some added fun. By the way, speaking of fun, the outtakes are hilarious as my heel kept getting caught in the boards of this bridge! Who says fashion can't be fun? And check out that amazing full moon in the first couple of pics! Beautiful!  Here are some pics of this terrific teal dress:  Dress: karinadresses (shop upper right in blog) Heels: Payless (last year) Clutch: Francesca's (last year)  Brace