Presidents' Day, Going Bonkers and More

When I was younger, I remember working at the bank and getting two days off instead of one. I know there are others out there who used to get off of work and school for Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday! I did a little research because it was driving me crazy thinking about it and here's the gist of the story:

Indeed it was originally two days celebrating both Presidents' birthdays. However, there was a shift in the date due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act ensuring long weekends for workers. In the 1980's, states were starting to change the name from Washington's Birthday to President's Day. By the early 2000's, most states had officially changed the date and the name to Presidents' Day. Federal offices and institutions (like banks!) are closed and most states take the day off and close state facilities as well. Presidents' Day is always the third Monday of February and in modern days recognizes the lives of all the chief executives. Oddly enough, it will never fall on an actual President's birthday since Washington's birthday is on February 12 and Lincoln's birthday is on February 22. 

Now, that all being said, what to do on a long weekend? I thought I'd share a few of the things we had fun doing. Only one outfit to show, but it's a good one! I love my mustard Sarah and I can't stop wearing it! I tied a black swing dress on the side and wore it with some leggings for a fun casual look to play with kids on Saturday. It's the perfect outfit for a mom on the go and all of the pieces can be worn so many ways! 

Take a look: 

Sweater and leggings- Lularoe
Dress- JCPenney 
Tennis shoes- Converse 

We pulled over to snap this pic in front of a restaurant called Saltgrass Steakhouse -  it smelled so good, I wish we could have stayed! 

We went to play at a place called Going Bonkers in Lewisville and boy, did the kids have fun! Even my son who is older had a blast! We went with some friends of ours with younger kids and they had fun running around and playing on the playstations there. 

My son and I had fun making slime. I'm attaching the YouTube link here so you can get the instructions and make some for yourself! We haven't stopped playing with it all weekend! It's super easy to make and most of the stuff you have already at home! 

I did a little shopping for a new pair of tennis shoes for the gym and settled on some black Nikes that I found on sale at DSW. They will do just fine for what I need and I got 3x bonus points on them! 

Two more things-this one is so good it Hurts. Hurts Donuts that is! OMG! This place in Frisco makes amazing doughnuts that are soooo good! They opened up about a month ago and still have lines 24/7. Well worth the wait! 

And I went to see Fist Fight . Maybe not the best movie ever, but it was cute. A little dumb- okay a lot dumb- and some crude humor and language, but towards the end, it got good. What can I say, I like Ice Cube and I've gotta see what he's up to! 

That was my long weekend- how was yours? Of course I spent time reading my current book, We Were Liars, and lots of resting. I'm ready to hit the ground running tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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