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Sunday Style: Holiday Style with Chic Soul

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a merry Christmas and are getting some time to rest and relax. I know this year is hard for a lot of us without being able to see friends and/or family. I made the most of it and I made myself a nice dinner and relaxed and watched Netflix. I enjoyed the day and was able to connect with my family by phone and text. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day.  I had the opportunity to wear a few holiday looks from  Chic Soul  and I wanted to do a round up and share these looks with you!  Let’s start with this fun  sweater dress ! I am loving this dress so much! It’s a straight design and above the knee so perfect to wear knee length boots with it. Olive green might not be a traditional color but it’s green and I like it!  You can shop the dress  here   The next look I wore out to brunch and to Bishop Arts in Dallas with a friend last week. It’s a cozy little fun look and wasn’t over the top holiday-ish while still being merry!  You can shop the shirt  here You can s

Sunday Style: Sequin Pants

Hi friends! I got an unexpected day off today with nothing to do but stay at home! I was supposed to do an outdoor photo shoot but then it didn't stop raining so I ended up enjoying a day of rest at home. I did laundry and cleaned up the dishes and changed my sheets and caught up on some tv. It’s been a while since I’ve had a day like this!  Now the real title of this is about sequin pants so let’s get right to it! These sequin pants are on the  Eloquii  website but also on the Walmart website. Say what?! Yes that’s right!  Eloquii  was bought by Walmart and now there’s a more affordable line of clothing called  Eloquii Elements  that can be purchased both places! There aren’t as many pieces of course as at Eloquii but there are some really cute ones!  I got both this blouse and pants from the  Eloquii Elements  line and I love both! The fit is true to size and I could have worn this outfit all day! It was so comfortable! I think this look is great for the holidays (in your living