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Sunday Style: Sweet Jammies and Appliances- The Perfect Gifts!

Happy Sunday!  It’s getting close to Valentines Day so I thought I’d do a little fun roundup of some pajamas and appliances that I think are fun! I know you think this is a weird combo but hear me out!  I was at  The Frenchie Boutique Hotel  last week and I fell in love with this pink Smeg refrigerator. I was wearing some of my new fave pajamas with  Print Fresh  so this post was born!  It’s going to be short and sweet, but here’s some fun ideas for sweet treats!  I had some people over on Instagram ask for links for this fridge so I found it and lots more of fun pink appliances! Who knew there were so many!  You can shop all the appliances  here   PrintFresh  is where I get my favorite pajamas and these are no exception! Perfect for Valentines Day or any day!  You can shop the pajamas  here  - use my code CURVYGIRL and save!!  Want more gift ideas? Let me know! I’m happy to shop for you or give you links to shop with. Make sure you’re following me on  Like To Know It  too! You can do

Sunday Style: Black and White

You’re on a trip to Italy and you know you’ll have a photographer. You also know that you’ll need a something black and white for a group photo. You know that other women in the group think you’re “extra” but you don’t care. Wear the damn dress. And bring an extra one which is more extra than the first one. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you.  That’s just what I did. I grabbed this fun little dress from Anthropologie - actually both of the dresses are from there- but I did a Nuuly order and sent them back after I returned from the trip.  Do you know what Nuuly is? You can rent clothes which is great for travel or if you have a small closet and can’t keep everything. You can get six items at a time. Use my link  here  and try it if you haven’t already- it’s so fun!  I regularly do try-on reels on my Instagram too so you can check those out too for more inspiration and see types of items that I’ve ordered!  Anyways, wear the dress(es!)! Be as extra as you wan

Travel Tuesday: Hotel Viata Austin TX

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to take a little trip back to Austin! You might remember me showing you this hotel from the summer, but Hotel Granduca is now  Hotel Viata !  The hotel not only changed it’s name but it’s branding as well. The interior of the lobby is now beautiful and modern with a little store near the check in area. The hotel’s restaurant called Laurel is newly renovated and has a great bar area as well. There’s also a spa!!  It was wonderful to go back and I didn’t leave the entire time I was there! Why would I? I was comfortable in my room, I had great food downstairs and a spa! I did not bring a swimsuit but if you do visit, know that the pool is actually heated and there’s a hot tub to enjoy as well!  Let me show you around!  I arrived to find a nice bottle of bubbly and a little board for me to enjoy. There’s also a bottle of wine in the room for you to drink or take home.  The room is nice and inviting and when you go, ask for a view. You won’t regret it!