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Sunday Style: Little Blue Floral Dress

Somebody told me today that I looked happy. That’s stuck with me all day. Someone else asked me why I was so dressed up to do customers’ grocery shopping. I responded that I take pride in my work and want to look nice when I arrive with their stuff.  This little blue floral dress really has done it all for me today. I traded the block heels for some flats while I shopped. I am in love with this blue color and the florals are what dreams are made of. I added some simple colorful accessories in true Sandae fashion. Pink tassel earrings and some tassel bracelets that I made years ago. I liked the equally as colorful look in the accessories as in the dress. Add some earth tones back into the mix with the sandals and bag and viola it’s a look!  Below are some pictures of this gorgeous  dress . The  dress  is from one of my favorite partners,  Navabi , and the brand is another one that I love,  Yoek Fashion .  I hope you all are as happy as I am today! It’s a long weekend for some people but

WhatUp Wednesday #60

Hey friends! Before I get into today’s post, don’t forget I wrote another post yesterday about my  big fig  mattress! Make sure you check it out because if you’re thinking of getting a new one, this might be for you! And there’s a sale!!  Okay enough about that! How have you all been? Today I decided to try something new that I haven’t done before. I’m really trying to get out there more, guys! Anyways, I went to cryotherapy and had a compression massage! I’ve heard of both but haven’t had either so this was a good thing for me to try.  I visited  Cryo-X  in Frisco that is inside of P5 and signed my waiver forms and we were off and running! I first went into this room and removed my shoes and sat in the chair for thirty minutes while the gigantic leg warmers were huffed and puffed with air. I also had a neck massager on which was a lot of pressure but I didn’t get bruised, so we’re ok lol.  I forget his name but the guy helping me checked in on me every few minutes to make sure I was d

I Woke Up Like This

Hey you guys! Yes, it’s a different day than I normally post but hear me out because it’s for a good reason!  I’m doing a review on the  big fig  mattress that I got a couple of months ago! I know you’ve all been waiting to hear all about how much I’m loving it!  So, like most people, I go to bed tired at night and a lot of times wake up still tired in the mornjng. Contrary to popular belief, no one really wakes up looking like this with a full face of makeup and ready for a pillow fight! (Insert side eye here lol) But...good news!  Big fig  has actually helped me to have many wonderful nights of sleep. After sleeping in it the first night, I realized that my back and legs were not hurting as much when I got up in the morning. It has all of the technical stuff built into the mattress that you don’t have to think about but that helps you feel refreshed and awake the next day.  I will also say that this  big fig  mattress has a cooling technology to keep you cool. I love that I don’t wak

Sunday Style: I’ve Got The Blues

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you have all been enjoying your weekend! It was nothing but torrential downpour here all day yesterday and of course, I chose to be out in it driving around! Today is a nice day though before more rain to come! Ugh I’m sick of it!  It got me thinking that I get the blues just like everyone else does. I have said this a lot lately and I’m going to tell you all too. There’s nothing wrong with getting the blues. Just don’t stay there. I find that sometimes I’m having issues when I compare myself to others or when I’m alone and let my thoughts get the best of me. It’s okay to have the blues on a rainy day and feel better when the sun comes out tomorrow. Just don’t stay there!  Now, I have to show you this  jumpsuit  from Jessica London  because well, it’s hard to have the blues while wearing this beautiful blue piece! I love jumpsuits and seem to have a million of them, well not a million, but you know, a lot. I also love color a lot. I know I showed you a di

WhatUp Wednesday #59

It’s Hump-Daaay! Happy Wednesday friends! I wanted to start this post off with a gorgeous hello, yellow! look from  LuvMeMore . I’ve been working with this brand for a while now and I am loving all they do! It’s a great combo of flowy and flirty styles like maxi skirts, wide leg pants and crop tops. I’ve gotten fun dresses and tops and all sorts of things from them but this yellow look has to be one of my faves!  I paired this  Off The Shoulder Valerie two piece look  with some sandals and wore turquoise earrings and some fun bracelets. I love the minimal look! My son was taking these pics and we were trying to get just the right look and I think we accomplished it!  Check out these pics:  I also teased you on Instagram and said I was going to do something I hadn’t done before. Well I did it. It wasn’t  a huge deal but I slid into a guy’s DMs that I’ve been kind of admiring from afar. I don’t know that anything will even come of it but I was proud of myself for putting myself out there

Your Confidence Is Showing

This past week I have shared three looks over on my Instagram from  Avenue . Today was the last one that I showed and I feel like they are all so different and unique! These would also all be awesome looks to wear out for Mother’s Day or for tons of different events!  I say this a lot but I love that plus size clothing is becoming for normal and trendy and fashionable. You do not have to wear a bag or a mumu dress if you are larger. Size shouldn’t be the reason that you can’t dress cute.  Avenue  has some great looks and I love their campaign called “your confidence is showing”. I’ve always said that if you look good then you feel good. This is so true! You will undoubtedly have more confidence and get stuff done when you like the way you look. You feel good and look good and are more successful and confident and productive. It’s a known fact!  So let’s get to the looks from  Avenue  that I’m featuring! Let’s start with this  one  that is on Instagram today too! It’s this gorgeous tie-