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WhatUp Wednesday #10

So this week I tried some new food, got dressed every day, yada yada yada,,,and then Harvey. Oh boy! I cannot believe the damage that I have been seeing. It is truly heartbreaking to see how people have lost everything they own. I am in North Texas about 200 miles or so away from Houston and that area so we are safe and sound. Our company gave a huge donation and we can donate and they will also match our donations up to a certain dollar amount. Be sure to help out where you can if you can. Be aware of scams because I was sent an email with details about some fake organizations that have already come up. Sad that people will use something so terrible for their own gain. Well, enough of that- I will move on to some of the fun stuff! So this past week I posted a picture on Instagram of some fun workout wear and I wanted to share more of it with you all. There is this awesome company called K-Deer that makes these striped pants and so much more! This workout gear makes working out fun

WhatUp Wednesday #9

Hey! It’s me! Last Wednesday I didn’t end up doing a post because I went to the Texas Rangers game! They were playing against the Detroit Tigers so of course I had to go and support my team! The Tigers ended up losing-when we left in the 8 th inning, they were behind by 6, but it was a good time! I’ve been staying pretty busy this summer! I love the weekends when I can relax and hang out by the pool. I have been trying to get out and try some new things and places. I am sure I could do more, but everything in moderation… I am getting ready for my son to come back and school will be starting this week. Time has flown by! Seems like I was just writing about being in Michigan and now here it is, the end of the summer! Are you getting ready for fall? It seems like the hot temps will be around for a while in TX, but Karina Dresses has their new fall patterns out and I am in love! I am wearing the Jackie dress in Harvest Floral and  it is amazing! Green happens to be my favorite co

Sunday Style: Rose Marie Fashion

Happy Sunday! I hope you all have been having an enjoyable weekend! It has been all about resting and relaxing for me. I spent some time out at the pool, watched movies and took a nap. I did a little shopping and grabbed some dinner this evening and am ready to get back at it tomorrow! I wanted to share this adorable dress with you all from Rose Marie Fashion  for this installment of Sunday Style. I was asked to wear this Lady Aria dress in light blue and it is fantastic! I added a leopard belt because I do like to define my waist more. It is an a-line dress with a mixture of polyester spandex so it has plenty of stretch to it. I love the ruffles and the bow on this dress! It makes it so ladylike and feminine. The website shows this dress is available in additional colors but this blue is my jam! Rose Marie Fashion carries modest apparel which can sometimes be difficult to find these days. The founder, Hope Morgan, actually started this company in 2012 as a way to help her family

WhatUp Wednesday #8

This week’s post is coming to you live from Raleigh, NC. I had to go for work this week and while I like NC, I am happy to be heading home tomorrow. Home. To Texas. Wow-still surreal to think that TX is home for me. I love it there and it feels like I belong. I digress… So, I have been here in Raleigh since Monday and it has been raining but thankfully we had a beautiful day here today. I wore this fun patterned wrap dress that I got in my last Dia&Co box and these sandals that match perfectly! To change the subject though, about a week and a half ago, I visited the Dallas Botanical Gardens . I promised to share some of it with you. I went early (which I would strongly suggest that you all do as well if you decide to go) and it worked out great. I actually went there thanks to Groupon and a discounted fee and I will definitely go back again. I am thinking of purchasing an annual pass since it is only $89 for me and a friend to visit year-round and parking is