Sunday Style: Lucy and Co Curvy Boutique

Happy Sunday! I love introducing you all to new friends and brands and I have a good one for you today! Lucy and Co Curvy Boutique is an online boutique that provides fun and functional clothing options for us curvy girls.

I haven’t done a WhatUp Wednesday post in a couple of weeks (whoops!) but it has been because I have been so busy lately! One of the things that I did was I took a day off of work to go and get my Texas plates and driver’s license. Let me tell you, Texas makes things so difficult to move here! I am used to Michigan where I can go to the Secretary of State and get everything done. Not so in Texas. You have to go to the County Tax office in the county that you live to get your plates and then you pick whichever Driver’s License office that you think you will get in and out of the quickest- which is none of them, by the way.

So I started off my day in this super relaxing feather maxi dress and finished it in the same fashion. This maxi is so comfy for standing in line, sitting in chairs waiting all day yet so fashionable and cute that you are sure to be one of the best dressed people there.

All joking aside, this really is a wonderful dress and I am so glad to be sharing it with you! I tied mine up so that it wasn’t as long on me. For reference, I am 5’4’’ so anything “maxi” is usually longer on me.
Here are a few pictures for you:

BONUS: Use code "Curvygirl15" for 15% off your purchase! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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