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Sunday Style: A Million Bucks

I wonder what it would be like to have a million bucks. I wonder how quickly that money would be spent. I wonder if I would feel more safe or secure knowing I have a million bucks? I wonder if I would get treated differently if people knew I was a millionaire. Random thoughts that go through my head when people say "you look like a million bucks" or "I feel like a million bucks". Whenever I put on a karinadresses dress, I always feel like I am special - like this dress was designed just for me- or maybe like a million bucks?! It doesn't matter which style or color I wear, I can't help but feel pretty. The fabric is lightweight and easily packable and it doesn't wrinkle so it's great for traveling or sitting in meetings. I find I reach for these dresses more than any of the other ones that I own!  This dress is no exception. I was drawn to the color and print, but the Katharine style which shows off my waist, is also one of my favorites! I d

It's Not Always Black and White

It's been a little while since I've written. I haven't been slacking, I promise. I just write better when I am passionate about something or when I feel I have something valuable to share with you all. I am more like Taylor Swift- when she goes through a break-up, you know you are going to hear some good new tunes from her. She takes her experiences and writes them with a melody. I take my experiences and share them on a blog-usually with an outfit. (Oh, and I am in no way comparing myself to Taylor Swift...) Anyways, I have been doing some thinking lately. Black and white. Some people use that expression a lot. What does it really even mean? Black and white can refer to television or movies, photography or even print like in a newspaper. But what about life? I hear people all the time saying it's not always black and white or maybe it is black and white. This saying is referring to having two distinct choices in which one is clearly right and one is clearly wrong. I