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Travel Tuesday: Acme Hotel Chicago

This year has brought some fun already with travel and it’s only February! Last weekend I headed to the Windy City for a quick trip to visit with a friend. I stayed at the  Acme Hotel  which is a perfect place to stay downtown! It’s within walking distance to the Magnificent Mile and it’s not a far ride to all of the tourist destinations!  Let’s check out this place, shall we?  You can tell just by the artwork how fun this place is going to be, right? I loved the pops of color and trendy vibes of this hotel!  Let’s take a look at my room- it was a King suite and had the prettiest view of downtown buildings from the sitting area!  Check out this view!  I just love Chicago! The architecture is so beautiful and it’s a lovely mix of old and new!  Okay back to the hotel… The elevators in the lobby are fun! And then peep the insides of them too!  And my room door said Ciao! It was as if they know me so well!  There are a couple of areas to grab coffee and drinks here as well. The Berkshire R

Travel Tuesday: The Frenchie Boutique Hotel

Hi friends! Well this post is delayed a tiny bit but never mind you’re not missing out on any of the fun! It’s just a day late…Anyways, last week, I took a trip to Round Top, TX, one of my favorite cities!  If you’ve never been to Round Top, you’re really missing out! It’s about 3-4 hours from Dallas and is a quiet little town with a population of 87. That is, 87 people who can vote…but don’t get me started down that path… I was invited by the  Frenchie Boutique Hotel  to come and stay and check out their beautiful property. I jumped at the chance even though it was not on a weekend and was in January- More on that in a minute!  The  Frenchie Boutique Hotel  sits about 1/4 mile from the town square and is easily accessible by car or foot if you’re set on getting some exercise and walking a bit. It’s got a cute little white picket fence and several buildings that sit on the property. The Mainhouse is where we stayed but there’s also a little house that sleeps 4, another building with ro