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WhatUp Wednesday #64

Hello friends! Another week has come and gone! I’ve been out and about in the world of Instacart and man, do I see interesting things! It’s not only about what people order cuz that’s a whole other topic but also people when you meet them at the door or when they throw open the door to greet you or let their pets and kids greet you! It’s about being able to still be around people and make connections. It’s about knowing there are still some good people left in this world! It’s about seeing someone who is worse off than you and being grateful even in the worst of times for what you have.  Sorry to get off on a tangent there!! So today I’m featuring this outfit first but mainly the shoes!! They’re from  Sols  and they are super adorable! They are handmade in Mexico so they do take a little while to get to you but they are so worth it! I walked around in these for a while with no complaints! I wore them with this outfit pictured but they are so comfy and casual and cute that I really coul

WhatUp Wednesday #63

Hey friends! Just a quick little post tonight to say hello and show you a fun look from today! I love when I find deals and  SheIn  has some of the best!! I like to share what I get from them so you all can too! I think they are overlooked sometimes but I especially love their dresses! Today’s  dress  was no exception!  Fruit in the summer? Groundbreaking! I don’t care- I love it! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and what you love! Wear what you want! Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young or too old or too fat or too thin or whatever! Fashion is all about you showing off your personal style.  I took this simple fruity  dress  and paired it with some fun  yellow sandals  and a pair of fun earrings. Ta-da! It’s a lewk! I had fun today while out driving! I stopped by  Bahama Bucks  for the first time since I moved here! The shaved ice was so delicious! I told the girl at the counter that I had never been there before and to just make me something good! They made me a strawber

Sunday Style: It Was All Yellow

Happy Sunday! From the title of the post, you already know where I’m going...yep! Yellow it is! What a beautiful song and to be loved so much like he loves his girl! Well today I wanted to show you all this gorgeous dress from  Maree Pour Toi ! I am loving this  dress  so much and here’s why: -It hits my curves in all the right places -Cleavage is always a bonus when wearing a dress like this, but of course, you can always put something underneath it -High low hemline so it’s perfect for when you sit- you can still be sitting on your dress!  -The color is gorgeous! And the floral print? Too adorable!  -This dress is made of polyester but I swear I had to look at the tag because I thought it was silk!  Did I get them all? I don’t know but these were the ones off the top of my head that made me fall right in love with this beauty!  I mixed it up a bit and put a colored sandal with it but you could really wear any number of colors of shoes with this dress! These sandals are older from Jus