WhatUp Wednesday #64

Hello friends! Another week has come and gone! I’ve been out and about in the world of Instacart and man, do I see interesting things! It’s not only about what people order cuz that’s a whole other topic but also people when you meet them at the door or when they throw open the door to greet you or let their pets and kids greet you! It’s about being able to still be around people and make connections. It’s about knowing there are still some good people left in this world! It’s about seeing someone who is worse off than you and being grateful even in the worst of times for what you have. 

Sorry to get off on a tangent there!! So today I’m featuring this outfit first but mainly the shoes!! They’re from Sols and they are super adorable! They are handmade in Mexico so they do take a little while to get to you but they are so worth it! I walked around in these for a while with no complaints! I wore them with this outfit pictured but they are so comfy and casual and cute that I really could wear them almost every day! I got the Maria pair and I love them! 

I took these pictures after I delivered an Instacart order and it was the perfect moment! I captured these swans swimming and sat and watched them for a little bit! Of course they showed off perfectly in the picture with the fountain too! 

Here’s the deets on this outfit: 

Pineapple tee- Lularoe (Christy tee) 
Skirt- Target (last year) 
Shoes- Sols you can shop them here 

Here are some other outfits that you may have missed this week: 

Dress- Lularoe (Nicki Dress- check with your local retailer)
Sandals- Just Fab (last summer) 

Dress- JCrew (Sold out- sorry!)
Shoes- Dr. Scholls- you can shop them here 

Who loves cupcakes?? TomboyX does and they created the perfect undies! You can shop the collection here

This gorgeous dress is from SheIn and I love it!! You can shop it here and don’t forget to use my coupon code “curvygirlQ2” for an extra discount! 

Shoes- Dr. Scholls and you can shop them here 

Gorgeous maxi skirt is from Jessica London and looks to be sold out- sorry! Tank is from Lularoe. 

There’s the outfit recap! I post daily on Instagram so be sure to follow me over there as well! I share stuff in my stories that you won’t always see on here! 

This past week I visited Bahama Bucks for the first time and boy was that a treat! They were very nice to me when I said I don’t know what to get and they surprised me with strawberry colada. It was so good! I’ll definitely be back there again! 

My friend Jesse had his annual birthday bash but this year we were “grownups” and had brunch instead of a bar crawl! We went to Blue Mesa on Sunday for their brunch and it is amazing! It is a buffet style with tons and tons of food! Mexican (of course), salads, breakfast foods-the waffles are delish!- desserts and so much more! Also you can have up to three (I think!) mimosas or poinsettias included! A very nice time was had by all! 

Blue Mesa also has one of the best happy hours! They have a quesadilla bar and chips and salsa and drink specials. It was always one of my favorite places to go after work when I worked at Capital One! 

I’ve been watching a lot on Netflix lately. When I got rid of cable, I thought I would miss it. I really don’t but I’m constantly looking for new and good programming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Of course I am keeping up with The Handmaids Tale although this season seems pretty boring to me so far. I’ll catch up on today’s episode tomorrow. I’m currently watching Episodes with Matt LeBlanc and it is meh. I guess that’s how I would describe it. The show is pretty good and I’m already in season three so I’m going for all five seasons lol. It’ll be over before I know it! This is an older show that originally aired on Showtime and is rated M on Netflix. 

That’s about all I’ve been up to this week! I actually took a couple of days off and it was so nice to relax and rest and spend some time with friends! I also did a photo shoot on Sunday so I’ll be sharing some pics from that soon! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. That cupcake set is super cute. Glad to her instacart is working out for you.



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