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Spring 2015 Trend: Culottes

Well, I finally have seen it all. Now I know what my mom meant when she said everything comes back in style. I'll admit I am not a fan of these things called culottes. Hear me out: if you know me, you know that I had to wear skirts and culottes growing up- no pants. I don't think I ever wore a pair of pants until I was in my 20's. Please please please do not take this as a dig on those that only wear skirts and culottes. I follow some beautiful girls on Instagram and on blogs that only wear skirts and dresses. I love their style and I also wear a lot more skirts and dresses because I am very comfortable in them. I also personally feel more confident in them as well but I do wear pants more during the colder months. I just want you to listen to my side of the story.  When you are a certain age, you start to notice others around you and see that you are different. While I will be the first one to tell you that we are all unique and that you should be yourself, I will also

January 2015 Week Three Recap

Hard to believe that Sunday will be February already! This month has brought colder temps, cloudy and sunny days and even snow. Mother Nature has a sense of humor at times and has been somewhat bipolar in her temperature offerings. I also participated in a fun style challenge called "Calling All Preps" and  was excited to mix and match some things up in my closet.  Here goes the recap: Saturday, Jan 17- no outfit post but I had to show off these pretties for Red Shoes Day!  Shoes- Just Fab (recent) Sunday, Jan 18- This outfit was recapped in last week's Sunday Style post. Check it out for all of the details!  Monday, Jan 19- No work for me since it was a bank holiday but later in the day, we went out for dinner so I put on the basic blogger outfit and headed out to get some Mexican food! This was the first day of the style challenge which was Vests and Plaid.  Scarf- Zara (old) Vest- J Crew Factory (old) Sweatshirt- Target (old)

Sunday Style: Faux Fur and a Sweater Dress

Sometimes you see something and know that it will look as great on as it will be comfy. Why not throw on a dress and some tights and boots and be done? To me, this look was super easy to put together with stuff I already had and it took just as much effort (or maybe even less) to throw it on and get ready than some bum-around clothes. I threw the faux fur vest on top for a little more fun and visual interest.  Here are a few pictures of this casual yet classy look today: There you have it- super easy for Sunday! This is a different look for me but I'm not hating it and will probably try this again a different way!  Dress- Loft (last year) Vest- Banana Republic (old) Boots- DSW (old) Tights- Target (recent) Pearls- JCrew (old) Hope you're all having a great day! That's for reading and following along with me!  Sandae

January 2015 Week Two Recap

The weather has kind of been cooperating this year- not as cold or as much snow as last year. I've been enjoying the somewhat milder temps and it's also been great seeing the sun stay out for a little later in the day! Spring will be here before we know it!  I thought I'd recap the second week of January which also included a quick weekend trip to Raleigh- no coat required! Nine whole outfits to recap this time!  Thursday, Jan 8- I started with a Pinned It, Spinned It outfit and spinned the dress into a completely different outfit with gray, coral and burgundy. I love the way it turned out!  Shirt, sweater, jeans and boots- Old Navy (last year) Necklace- Viva La Jewels (online) Fur vest- Target (last year)  Mug- Starbucks (last year)  Friday, Jan 9- Fair Isle Friday! Repeat outfit that is easy, comfy and warm!  Sweater- J Crew Factory (last year) Shirt- Joe Fresh via JC Penney (old) Jeans- Lane Bryant (old) Boots- emu (old)

Sunday Style: Fair Isle and Tomato Red

I am wearing some of my favorite things in today's post: a sweater with a fun design, tomato red pants and shoes with sparkle. Let's not forget a great tote!  I didn't want to wear too much jewelry or accessories today because I wanted to let my outfit speak for itself. It's saying "I'm fun and casual with minimal effort". This is the perfect outfit for a Sunday morning to wear to church and lunch afterwards. I'm enjoying my three day weekend and will be heading out for a massage later this afternoon too.  Here are a few pics from today's look: Sweater- J Crew Factory (Christmas) Pants- Eloquii (recent) Shoes- Old Navy (Christmas) Reversible Tote- Under One Sky (available at Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading and following along with me!  Sandae 

January 2015 Week One Recap

It's hard to believe we are already half way through January! So far it's been a great month and I'm feeling super positive about the new year and new possibilities. I mentioned in my last post that I am a little farther behind in blogging than usual but I plan on catching up quickly!  Here's the first recap of 2015!  Thursday Jan 1- no outfit post- I was super busy posting on Poshmark and not really worrying about what I was wearing... Friday Jan 2- I found this super cute plaid vest on clearance and I loved the print so much I knew I needed to get it! Such a fun addition to my closet!  Vest- Land's End (recent- clearance) Sweater- J Crew Factory (fall) Chambray shirt- Old Navy (old) Pearls- J Crew Factory (old) Jeans- Eloquii (summer) Boots- DSW (old)  Saturday Jan 3- No outfit post again for this day but I got lots of cleaning and organizing done and just wanted to enjoy the rest of my vacation!  Sunday Jan 4- I wore thi