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Sunday Style: Black and White Floral

It's no secret that I love all things black and white- throw in a floral pattern and I'm in love for sure! I love this dress so much from karinadresses ! It's the perfect size floral pattern for me but it's also the best dress shape for my body type. I love the way it's a faux wrap adding interest but the vee neck elongates my body and the tie that wraps around my waist accentuates it. I talk about karinadresses all the time. It's because they are so easy to wear and easy to love! This dress is the Margaret  style. It fits almost as a maxi on me but it's really a midi dress. I've had other dresses that are similar but I love this one for summer because it's perfect with sandals! I'm wearing black wedges with mine that I got on a super sale last year.  The print is so bold that minimal accessories are needed. I am wearing some bangle bracelets and earrings with mine. A small clutch or straw bag would also be perfect with this.  It'

Sunday Style: The Prom That Never Was

Maybe it's the fact that I am teaching every day now but I have become nostalgic and find myself reminiscing about my younger years when I was in school. Fifth and sixth graders don't go to proms but you would be surprised at the talk that I hear..."we are dating, he cheated on me"...I told one girl that she needs to enjoy her time being a kid and don't worry about dating. She will have plenty of time to get out there and date- but not when you are eleven! Anyways, I digress. I didn't go to a prom because I went to Christian school. There was no prom but we did have a Junior-Senior Banquet each year. I remember fondly my Junior year and my double date. I wore a beautiful navy dress off the rack from TJ Maxx - I vividly remember how much I loved this dress. It was a regular dress, nothing fancy, and I remember wearing it to church as well. I've always been a bigger girl and I remember how this dress came in at the waist and made me feel good. My Senior

When Life Hands You Lemons...

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Anyone else ever get tired of hearing all of the positive things? Why can't I just be sour? Why can't I just wallow in my own self-pity? Well, you can. You can do this, but is that any way that you want to live your life?  Recently, life handed me some lemons. Like a lot of lemons. Like bushels and bushels of lemons. For a while, I was sour. I was bitter. I didn't look on the bright side. I chose to dwell on the negative. Why did these things happen to me? Why can't my life be great like everyone else?  I didn't realize that the lemons were handed to me so that I could make something more of myself. So that I could learn to trust, to love, to learn, to teach. I didn't realize that I was being used and will continue to be used to do His work. Sometimes we have to go through the fire to made into something beautiful. How can I expect my life to be polished if I get upset at every little swipe that is made at me?  Th