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Sunday Style: Red

Red is one of the primary colors along with many others that I love including green, blue and yellow. Red, green and blue are combined to make the colors in a computer or a television screen. Reds can vary in shades from light pink to dark like maroon or burgundy. The color red in blood comes from hemoglobin, the iron-containing protein found in the red blood cells of all vertebrates. Red can be found in all different things in nature like the Grand Canyon, the planet Mars and even on humans in the form of hair and lips.  Since red is the color of blood, it has often historically been associated with sacrifice, courage and danger. In modern times in the US and Europe, red is associated with heat, activity, love, passion, sexuality, anger and even joy. In China, India and many other countries in Asia, it is considered to be the color of happiness and good fortune.  I have the good fortune of reviewing a new to me company today called GCGme  . I am wearing this Scarlett  dres

Autumn Watercolors

Okay, okay, fine. I like autumn. I am still resisting it and the cold weather that comes behind it, but I am liking the briskness in the air and the smell of fall. Most of all, I like the colors. There is still a lot of green but I am noticing the leaves changing colors to yellow, orange and red.  Similar to the changing of the leaves is this karinadresses in the Autumn Watercolor design. I am wearing the Penelope  in this design and it is just magnificent! I cannot say enough how much I love these dresses but the Penelope is not only flattering but it's got pockets too! I love the way the waist is defined and the skirt flows out a little. It balances out my smaller top part of my body with the larger bottom part of my body.  The colors are beautiful just like the changing colors all around us. If we stop long enough just for a minute, we can enjoy all of the beauty that is in autumn.  I've styled this dress two ways for you:  Dressy Casual Dress- k

Sunday Style: The Amazing Amelia

Seriously, it's amazing. Like, totes amaze. I am loving the Amelia dress from Lularoe! You all know that my goal is to help women everywhere look and feel fabulous and this dress is seriously good for every body shape! Lularoe is awesome in a lot of ways but one of them that I love is that each piece of clothing is only available in a limited number of prints and patterns. It is possible to have a dress that no one else has like it (well, anyone that you know anyways...) This Amelia is perfect to be dressed up or down. I wore it with heels one day and then changed it up another day for teaching at school and layered a denim jacket over it and wore some sparkly tennis shoes. The versatility is amazing! Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?! I thought I would share a few pics of this dress both ways- which way do you like better? Dressy   Casual Thanks so much to my friend Leigh  for this amazing Amelia! She is sharing the love and you can win your very own Amelia!