Sunday Style: Red

Red is one of the primary colors along with many others that I love including green, blue and yellow. Red, green and blue are combined to make the colors in a computer or a television screen. Reds can vary in shades from light pink to dark like maroon or burgundy.

The color red in blood comes from hemoglobin, the iron-containing protein found in the red blood cells of all vertebrates. Red can be found in all different things in nature like the Grand Canyon, the planet Mars and even on humans in the form of hair and lips. 

Since red is the color of blood, it has often historically been associated with sacrifice, courage and danger. In modern times in the US and Europe, red is associated with heat, activity, love, passion, sexuality, anger and even joy. In China, India and many other countries in Asia, it is considered to be the color of happiness and good fortune. 

I have the good fortune of reviewing a new to me company today called GCGme . I am wearing this Scarlett dress and I definitely have all the feels for this one! I love the shape of this dress and how it fits on me. I love the silky material and the details like the cutout in front and the fabric belt. Good fortune indeed when finding this one! 

Dress- GCGme (online recent)
Heels- Loft (old)
Clutch- Talbots (old)

I'll be posting another dress soon that is also from GCGme- there's so much variety and so many colors to choose from! Use the code "curvyontherun20" for a discount on your order! How awesome is that?! 

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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