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Sunday Style: Pretty in Pink

The movie  Pretty in Pink  was released in 1986 but guess who didn’t see it until 2016? If you guessed me, you’re right! We weren’t allowed to watch these types of movies growing up and I finally one day bought the movie at Target and made it my mission to sit and enjoy it.  Mission accomplished! I loved the movie and I loved the premise of it- not just the high school romance, but also the making of your own clothes! I did the same thing in high school but mostly followed patterns and didn’t do a lot of creative work like Andie did.  Fast forward to 2018 and pink is actually one of my very favorite colors! I loved this suit as soon as I laid eyes on it and knew it needed to be in my closet! My son and I went to Deep Ellum in Dallas to find a couple of colorful walls to use as backdrops. I love the results!  I paired a black tank under the pink jacket just to make the color pop- you could do a top or blouse under it or wear it with a pretty bra. Any way you wear it, you’ll be a winner!

WhatUp Wednesday #46

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! It’s been a somewhat busy week for me! School is winding down soon and holidays are just around the corner!  Yesterday I made a visit out to Tyler, TX to see the girls at the  Loft  in Broadway Square Mall. I did a ton of try-ons and chose a few items to go home with me!  Loft  sponsored my visit and it’s really about building awareness that plus is available currently in about 50 stores nationwide! They are looking to add more stores next year and you can currently order plus size in stores and it will ship for free!  Here is the  Loft  dress that I actually purchased online prior to my visit! This is the perfect dress for running around and getting all your stuff done in this holiday season!  Here are some pics from my visit- I posted these and more in my Instagram stories today!  My opinion on  Loft  doing plus- I think the sweaters are super roomy and anything with two sizes like 16/18 is usually fitting or larger on me. When it comes to number sizing,

Sunday Style: Ho Ho Ho Holidays!!

I’ve spent today resting and doing a little house cleaning and taking a nap. It’s been glorious. I feel like this time of year everyone else is overworked and stressed out and I don’t want to be one of them! Someone needs to be grounded and have a level head when the others start acting a fool!  Anyways, I thought I’d show you a few fun things and looks from the holidays so far. I must admit that I’m not really into the holidays- I don’t even have a tree- it’s a long story but one I’ll share if you ask! This year will be the third Christmas I’ve spent here in Dallas- the first one alone. It’s been interesting meeting people and getting to know the area and lucky for me, I’ve found some incredible people to spend lots of time with! I might wake up alone on Christmas this year but I’m actually looking forward to being on my own. It’s been a rough 2018 with job loss but emotionally and mentally, it’s been exhilarating to see where life has taken me and where I will end up in the future!