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Travel Tuesday: A Day in Dallas

Hi friends! I’m back with more stuff to do in Dallas! This past week I headed down to Love Field to send my son up north for the summer and I decided to have some fun!  Let’s check out all of the cool food and stuff I’ve got lined up for you this time!  First up is a visit to the  George W. Bush Presidential Library . I have to admit this has been on my list for years and then with Covid it was closed for a while and then you know, life is busy! I finally got to visit and it didn’t disappoint.  There’s two sides to the  Library - the left side is all about George W. and his time in the White House. Like him or not, this was the President who had just been sworn in when 09/11 happened. Wow. It was breathtaking to see actual beams from the Twin Towers as well as just remember all of it all over again.  It was also really cool to see all of the memorabilia including fashion, cuz let’s no problem face it, that’s my fave! I also loved the interactive hands on exhibits as well as movies bein

Sunday Style: Chic Soul May Selects

Happy Sunday! In today’s post, I thought I’d share with you some of my faves from  Chic Soul ! You can also use my code SANDAE515 and save an extra 15%!  First up is this gorgeous  floral romper ! I always size up in rompers as I have bigger legs but I almost feel like this one might be too big. At any rate, I still will wear it and I feel like it’s a stunning floral pattern and perfect for the summer! I paired it with some clear heels but I also feel like some flats would look great too!  You can shop the romper  here   Next up is this fun two tone  dress ! I love the design of this one! It’s a fun floral and it accentuates the curves so well! I feel like I could have sized down in this one as well but honestly, sometimes I size up so it’s not so tight and short.  You can shop the dress  here   I also got these two fun pieces but didn’t take pics of them yet! The first is a really fun  tee  - especially if you live in Texas lol- but it will look cute paired with shorts or even under a

Sunday Style: Lovely in Lavender

Hi friends! It’s a good old fashioned Sunday Style post! I’ve really been slacking on writing on the blog lately but I want to try to get back to it! I really love writing so I hope you will stick with me!  Today’s look is a beautiful little lavender  dress  from Fashion to Figure. I was so happy to try a few pieces from Gabrielle Union’s collection including this cute look.  I love this fun  dress  with the ruching details! I think it’s so great for your figure- no matter your size! I feel like it really hugs my curves in all the right places!  I added my favorite gold  sandals  from Sarah Flint since they really go with everything! I love this brand of shoes so much! You can get your own pair and save $50 by using my code SARAHFLINT-BASANDAE at checkout!  I’m linking the dress for you  here ; however, it looks to be sold out in most sizes. You can always check back for pop backs but the dress is a little older.  You can find the sandals  here   I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!