Travel Tuesday: A Day in Dallas

Hi friends! I’m back with more stuff to do in Dallas! This past week I headed down to Love Field to send my son up north for the summer and I decided to have some fun! 

Let’s check out all of the cool food and stuff I’ve got lined up for you this time! 

First up is a visit to the George W. Bush Presidential Library. I have to admit this has been on my list for years and then with Covid it was closed for a while and then you know, life is busy! I finally got to visit and it didn’t disappoint. 

There’s two sides to the Library- the left side is all about George W. and his time in the White House. Like him or not, this was the President who had just been sworn in when 09/11 happened. Wow. It was breathtaking to see actual beams from the Twin Towers as well as just remember all of it all over again. 

It was also really cool to see all of the memorabilia including fashion, cuz let’s no problem face it, that’s my fave! I also loved the interactive hands on exhibits as well as movies being shown where you could learn more. 

The right side is Liberty and Laughter and it’s a fun special exhibit showcasing all of the fun that the Presidents and their families had while in the White House. I loved that it showed their favorite foods and there was bobble heads of each one of them too! I also really thought it was cool to see Bill Clinton’s sunglasses and sax that he used when he went on television! So fun! 

Next up is a visit to a newer place for barbecue in Dallas called Heim Barbecue. OMG you don’t want to miss this gem. Probably some of the best brisket that I’ve ever had. They smoke it out back and boy was it delicious! I don’t think they did any favors with the banana pudding as there was no banana in it and it really just tasted like vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers on it. 

That being said, you must try the bacon burnt ends for which they’re famous and the macaroni and cheese has a little kick to it that I loved! The twice baked potato salad was different but I wasn’t mad at it! This Fort Worth staple will definitely have me coming back for more! 

Take the little ones for a run around the park in one of my favorite spots called Teddy Bear Park. This is a fave spot for influencers and families alike as there are beautiful trees in bloom in the spring and the waterfall will have you searching for turtles sunbathing next to it. It’s a quiet spot with the teddy bears as well as a great spot to throw down a blanket and enjoy a picnic in the park by the water. 

Last stop was to check out a new place in Dallas that just opened called the Dolly Llama which serves bubble waffles and ice cream. I saw this place on Instagram so I wanted to stop in and try it. Disclaimer-It was opening day when I went. I thought my waffle was a little on the burnt side and not enough ice cream for me. That being said, a hefty price tag is also associated with this concoction so if you want a cute place to try, be prepared to spend a little dough. 

I hope you love all of the spots that I’ve showed you today! Please let me know if you visit any or there’s any you want me to try out for you! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Sounds like a fun trip.


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