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Newman’s Castle

I’m back with another fun location that I had the pleasure of visiting this past week! The last time I went out to Round Top, I wanted to visit this castle but we didn’t have reservations and were unable to take the tour. Well we finally got to visit and I’m gonna tell you all about our experience!  Way back in a forest surrounded by gated entrances, sits a castle in Bellville, Texas! It’s called  Newman’s castle  and it is an actual residence of the owner and builder of the castle. It’s a castle built of cinder blocks and it’s surrounded by a moat with an actual working drawbridge. There is a bell tower as well and it’s legit in its looks from the outside and inside.  I’m sure you want to know more about the castle and how to get tickets and all of that! Let’s talk about that and the tour and the specifics of my particular visit.  I called a couple of weeks in advance to make a reservation. They don’t take payment over the phone so you just reserve your spots. You have to visit the Ne

Sunday Style: Three Favorite Dresses From Dress Barn

Hi friends and Happy Sunday! I’m so excited to be showing off three fun dresses from  Dress Barn ! I found three dresses that are perfect for returning to work, going to a bridal or baby shower or even a wedding!  Let’s start with this  pink lace dress  that I am loving! I’ve styled this dress with some simple sandals and earrings but I’m already thinking of a lot of other ways I could style it too!  You can shop the dress  here  - it comes in three colors too!  Next up is this fun little  floral number ! I love the little extra flounce in this dress too! It moves gracefully and you will feel like a princess wearing it!  You can shop the dress  here   The last look is this  green dress  with the bow! This is a very chic dress and perfect for days back in the office! As a side note on this one, it is a little tighter on me than I prefer so you might want to size up one if you don’t want it too tight.  You can shop the dress  here  - it comes in three colors too!  I paired all of these d