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Sunday Style: Think Pink

Hey all you beautiful people! For today’s post, I wanted to go back to my roots so to speak and share one dress multiple ways. I used to do this back in the day when I still lived in Michigan with my short hair lol. If you’ve been following me that long, first of all thank you! and secondly, you will remember I used to do this a little more often!  So if you’re wondering how you can get more out of your wardrobe, this is one way you can do it! Take one item and see how many ways that you can pair it differently! It’s even kind of fun once you get started!  For today’s looks I took this beautiful pink lace  dress  from  Jessica London ! On its own it’s a really beautiful  dress ! For the first look, I’m wearing it as is with a pair of statement sandals- I call them this just because they are bejeweled- you can call them whatever you’d like. One of my favorite ways to wear a simple dress is a nude sandal and a leopard bag. Oops! I forgot my leopard bag that I normally have so I paired th

What’s Up With Sandae?

So some of you who are loyal readers may be wondering what’s up with me and why I’m not writing as much. I’m gonna get really real and raw here so I hope you can handle it. The truth is that I’ve been working so many hours for the last couple of weeks that I’ve found I don’t have as much energy to write as I did before. Or time for that matter.  The struggle is real, y’all. I’ve had to take on work doing “favors” for people and working for myself for the app called Favor. It’s a cool concept but the pay really relies on tips and lets face it, not everyone is a good tipper. I’ll wait 30 mins for your food and then drive 15 mins to get it to you and you’ll give me a $2 tip. It’s really quite ridiculous actually. The thing is I didn’t realize this before I decided to do this. I mean, I know I can be cheap at times but this is a whole new level.  Anyways, back to me! So I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now. I work close to 10 hours almost every single day driving around to get yo

WhatUp Wednesday #57

Well friends it’s been a week! Well it’s actually been a couple of weeks since I last did this post! I’ve been down lately but I was able to clear out some negativity this week and I’m cautiously optimistic that it will only get better from here. Yes, I’m still looking for full time work so let a sister know if you can hook her up!  So today’s outfit is this one that I love so much! If you remember my tropical pantsuit from last year, this one is somewhat similar but very different! It’s from a company called  Yoek  which I recently found and I am loving! I took some pics before my day got started of this look. I love that they are separates and both would look amazing worn with other things. I’m thinking a pair of white denim with the  top  maybe? It has the cutest ruffle sleeves too! The  pants  have a fun ribbon stripe down the side and they’re super comfy! I think another look with this would be a tee and some tennis shoes with the pants! What do you all think?  Here’s a few pics o

Sunday Style: A Midi Skirt and Some Pink Shoes

Yep this title is very specific for today’s post! I wanted to share with you all a look that is both fun and flirty! I recently started to work with  Jessica London  and I got this  skirt  and  shoes  from them.  I love the bold colors on the  skirt  and the  shoes  omg! They’re fun yet super comfy as well! I love that they’re open toed and will take me all through spring and summer.  I thought the  skirt  would be more of a shorter midi length than but because of my height, which is 5’4”, it ended up being more of a maxi skirt on me. Either way it’s cute and I’m loving the colors and the style of it. I feel fabulous wearing this outfit!  Here are some pics of me on the lovely sidewalk in Frisco:  I mean, come on, how can anyone be in a bad mood wearing all this gorgeousness? In case you’re wondering, the top is from  Loft  since I needed something to go with the skirt and shoes. I’ll link it below!  You can shop the top  here You can shop the skirt  here   You can shop the shoes  here