Sunday Style: Think Pink

Hey all you beautiful people! For today’s post, I wanted to go back to my roots so to speak and share one dress multiple ways. I used to do this back in the day when I still lived in Michigan with my short hair lol. If you’ve been following me that long, first of all thank you! and secondly, you will remember I used to do this a little more often! 

So if you’re wondering how you can get more out of your wardrobe, this is one way you can do it! Take one item and see how many ways that you can pair it differently! It’s even kind of fun once you get started! 

For today’s looks I took this beautiful pink lace dress from Jessica London! On its own it’s a really beautiful dress! For the first look, I’m wearing it as is with a pair of statement sandals- I call them this just because they are bejeweled- you can call them whatever you’d like. One of my favorite ways to wear a simple dress is a nude sandal and a leopard bag. Oops! I forgot my leopard bag that I normally have so I paired this fun wooden one instead!  This look is great for a dinner out or a special event. 

Next, what if it’s cooler? I saw people were still getting snow! What is that even about? Well don’t worry I’ve got you covered! Pair this bright pink moto jacket over this dress and pair silver booties with it and silver accessories to complete your look! (I’m sweating just writing this since it’s in the 80’s here!)- sorry, not sorry! 

What about a more casual look? Let’s pair it with a denim jacket and some tennis shoes and some fun casual jewelry. It’s a whole different look but still fun and comfy and so put together! 

Now, what if I want to wear it to the office? Let’s pair a blazer over it and some bright yellow heels. Now it’s office appropriate without being too over the top! 

How about wearing it as a skirt? Have you ever thought about putting a top over a dress for a whole other look? I never used to think about doing this but then I want to stretch my budget and be able to wear things multiple ways so this does this trick! I love accessories from Studio DIY- that’s where the tee, glasses and clutch are all from! 

And then the last look is one you could wear out to the museum or the farmers market. It’s the dress but with the flat sandals and a straw tote and hat. 

I hope you all enjoyed the numerous ways to wear one dress! Remember this applies to any dress that you already have in your closet! Start with a simple dress of one color and then add more to it! This is one of my favorite things to teach and show people. If you’re pressed for money, this certainly is a great trick to get more wear for your money! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Love all the different ways you styled this dress.

  2. I would have thought that styling this dress would be difficult. Looks effortless! Nice fits!


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