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WhatUp Wednesday #33

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! So this last week we had the Royal wedding! Finally! Was it as spectacular to you all as it was to me? I think it was so fun to be up early in the morning watching it with millions of other people! I think her dress was gorgeous and tasteful and understated yet glamorous. I think her dress for the reception was perfect! I think her mom looked elegant and all of the children were adorable! I loved the sermon that the Bishop from Chicago gave and I loved the choir singing Stand By Me. I think it was so good and really was like watching a Hallmark movie come to life! What was your favorite part?  I’m wearing this gorgeous white floral  dress  from  SheIn   that laces up in the front on today’s post. I think this dress is so beautiful! I found some little flowers around here and thought this would be the perfect backdrop! I love the way this dress laces in the front and then is flowy on the bottom. I think it is the perfect boho style dress! You can shop the d

WhatUp Wednesday #32

Hey friends! So over the past couple of weeks I have had a lot of fun just being me! Going out to eat, exercising with friends, playing with fashion and even attending a special birthday party! My WhatUp Wednesday posts are just to show you all things I have been enjoying as a regular human being. Remember that people show you the highlights-they may not show you the low points in their lives so please don't waste time and energy comparing yourself to someone else! Be happy and free to be you! With that being said, I will start by showing you a new brand that I am working with that is hot, hot, hot!! I received two items from GCGme and I am loving both of them! What better way to share the love than by offering you all a coupon code to use as well?! Use code SANDAE10 for a discount!! I love the material on these pieces-they are so comfortable and I could wear them all day! First of all, I love this black jumpsuit and I would love to wear it to go dancing! It is so comfortable

Sunday Style: Mother Knows Best

I’ve talked about my childhood many times as well as the strict upbringing that we had. We weren’t allowed to do a lot of things - I always felt there were more things we couldn’t do than we could. One of the things we couldn’t do was watch a lot of television programs. My parents (specifically my mother) didn’t think that there were a lot of appropriate shows for children on tv.  One of the shows we were allowed to watch was Father Knows Best-It was on the Nick at Nite channel on Nickelodeon and I think maybe on TV Land now. Anyways the show was about a typical Midwestern middle-class family with three kids. There was always a lesson to be learned in the show.  I happen to be enamored by the 50’s style clothing. When I saw this  dress  from  SheIn   I knew right away that it was perfect for me. It’s the perfect blend of American housewife in the 50’s and wowee look at that dress!  Now, it’s Mother’s Day today. I don’t know if my mom or my dad knew best. Does anyone as a parent really

WhatUp Wednesday #31

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! I’ve been busy working on some exciting things and I have not written on Wednesdays for a little bit! I’ll just show you a couple of things I’ve been doing!  First off, I’m loving this  dress  I wore today from  SheIn ! It’s so comfortable and I just love all of the colors! Make sure to check it out here and use my code “curvygirl20” for a discount!  It was so windy today when I took these pictures!  My son and I went to brunch on Sunday and found this cute restaurant called  EggHouse Cafe   We both ordered pancakes and loved them! Too much food to even finish! I posted pics in my IG stories but apparently didn’t save them to my camera roll... And I finally made it out to  Legacy Hall   I was pleasantly surprised by the outside area which everyone has since said is new. I don’t like crowded areas and I found this to be super crowded at lunchtime when we went. I got the chicken and waffles from a waffle place and it was just meh. I didn’t eat it all and I p