Sunday Style: Mother Knows Best

I’ve talked about my childhood many times as well as the strict upbringing that we had. We weren’t allowed to do a lot of things - I always felt there were more things we couldn’t do than we could. One of the things we couldn’t do was watch a lot of television programs. My parents (specifically my mother) didn’t think that there were a lot of appropriate shows for children on tv. 

One of the shows we were allowed to watch was Father Knows Best-It was on the Nick at Nite channel on Nickelodeon and I think maybe on TV Land now. Anyways the show was about a typical Midwestern middle-class family with three kids. There was always a lesson to be learned in the show. 

I happen to be enamored by the 50’s style clothing. When I saw this dress from SheIn  I knew right away that it was perfect for me. It’s the perfect blend of American housewife in the 50’s and wowee look at that dress! 

Now, it’s Mother’s Day today. I don’t know if my mom or my dad knew best. Does anyone as a parent really even know what they’re doing all the time? I doubt it. I know that my mom had a penchant for fashion in the way that she could wear it. She would accessorize the hell out of those dresses and culottes. She had a smile that would light up the room. She had a contagious laugh. She didn’t always know best but she did the best she could. 

It’s hard to believe that this December it will be 15 years since she’s been gone. 15 years! Where does the time go? I remember I used to cry a lot every Mother’s Day- I couldn’t go to church and listen to sermons. No one felt the same as me. Their moms were sitting next to them. 

Then I had my son. I became a mother. I no longer cried for my mother only to wish that she had met my son. As the years go by, it does get easier and easier. I still wish I could ask her some questions sometimes but I have peace that she is no longer here on this earth. 

What would my son say about me? Would he say mother knows best? Nah, he’s 12 and knows it all! But my hope would be that he grows up and knows that his mom did the best she could. 

To all those who are hurting from losing a mother like me, or those who are hurting from losing a child or those who are struggling to have a child, I pray for you. I know how hard this day is for a lot of us! I know that the pain will always be there but it will get easier. Trust me! Mother knows best. 

Here’s a few pics of my updated 50’s American Housewife look in this dress. Women now are more modern, they wear heels, they work, they watch sports, etc. I love this look and I hope you will too! (Maybe I’m missing gloves?!)  

If you love this dress as much as me, feel free to order it here from SheIn and make sure to use the code for a discount! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day.


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