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Sunday Style: February Chic Soul New Arrivals

This post is sponsored by  Chic Soul .  Happy Sunday! It’s been rainy and overcast all weekend so I’ve been indoors catching up on all the tv shows and movies! It’s a great time to relax and just hang out- something I don’t do that often!  This past month has been all shades of pink and red so why not finish out strong with these looks from  Chic Soul  as well? I’m one that wears these colors all year round though, how about you?  This first look is a fun little  dress  that has a fun flounce to it! I love the elastic sleeves that balloon on the arms and the length of this dress is just perfect! This  dress  is a little bit more peachy than pink but I am here for it! I added white shoes and earrings to complete the look. I also think this would be cute with a pair of white tennis shoes and a denim jacket!  You can shop the dress  here  -don’t forget to use my coupon code  SANDAEFEB15 to save an extra 15%!  The next look is this gorgeous  dress  that I think can be worn to an event dres

House of Shine

I received an email asking me if I would like to come and visit the  House of Shine  and take a tour and maybe a workshop. This is how it all started. I didn’t know anything about the House of Shine or what it was. I looked it up on the internet to find out more information and was pleasantly surprised at the fun interior and photo ops there were. Little did I know what I was in for.  The workshop I was scheduled to attend was called Name Your Year. It was rescheduled from January to February. I got there a few minutes before the class started and registered and found a seat. I was nervous when I saw the paper on the table as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We started the class available both in person and via Zoom and I quickly became absorbed with learning what was going on in my life. We did a stop light which red was stop doing these things this year, yellow was continue doing these things and green was start doing these things. Now pick one of the red ones that you want to stop doi