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It’s no secret that everything from the 90’s is coming back. Houndstooth is one of those things that is classic yet comes back around- I think so anyways. I actually made a houndstooth skirt in the 90’s and paired it with a mustard sweater. If I can find the picture, I’ll share it with you all cuz it’s definitely a good one! 

I found this houndstooth Lularoe Carly dress and all I could think about was all the ways that it could be styled. I could literally style it a different way every day for a week and it wouldn’t look the same. 

I thought I’d share how I put an outfit together and give you all a couple of options as well! 

The Carly dress is a swing dress- it’s basic but it can be worn so many different ways. You can dress it up or down. I paired it with a black Amy shirt underneath the dress. So now the dress looks like it has a collar and I rolled up the sleeves since the shirt is a larger size than the dress. Next I added a pin that I made last year. It’s just a simple ribbon and I used my hot glue gun to add a flower in the middle. 

This was the foundation for the outfit. Now you could be even more simple and just have the dress and then start layering over top but you know how extra I am- what can I say? 

Now, I added a mustard Sarah sweater which is a long duster and I added some velvet burgundy booties that I bought last year on sale. This spices up the outfit and gives it a different look. 

Or you can change out the sweater for a denim jacket and even add tennis shoes instead for an even more casual look. I kept the black shoes and just added a black hat for fun. 

There are so many other ways that this dress can be worn too. It’s really a great staple piece and is such a good pattern! 

Which look is your favorite? Any other ways that you would wear this? 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Its so crazy that the 90's style is coming back.


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