WhatUp Wednesday #2

Well, here we are a week later. I cannot believe that Memorial Day has already come and gone but it sure has! I am one of those that thinks Memorial Day is the beginning of summer. Too bad the schools don’t agree and don’t schedule accordingly…

My Memorial Day weekend was uneventful. I was sick so I had to stay home from work on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was also spent feeling ill but by Sunday afternoon I was able to get out and walk around the mall and catch some sales. Side note: the mall is a great place to walk when it’s hot out and you want to get some light exercise. Monday was primarily spent cleaning since I hadn’t had a chance to do it- those dishes and bathrooms don’t clean themselves! Where is that Rosie the Robot from Jetsons when you need one?!

I finished the book I mentioned last week, The Circle. Boy, was it good! I won’t tell you about it in the event that you want to go out and get it to read, but it was so engaging and thought provoking!

I am loving all things gingham right now. This dress I wore today is so awesome because it combines gingham and pattern mixing into one! Plus I love a dress with pockets! This dress was in my last Dia&Co box in case if you would like to request it in yours. I am also planning on wearing it as a skirt!

This gingham dress is actually what I wore on Memorial Day when I went out for a bit. This dress is from Target and has a great silhouette-fit and flare (my favorite!) and I love the tie detail in the back. True story: I was in Target on Monday and a lady told me how cute my dress was. I said, thank you! I got it from here. She went and got the dress and was super happy!

Don’t forget to enter the Agnes and Dora giveaway going on right now! It will be ending tomorrow. Here are a couple of outfits that I got from my friend Cassie and I love them both! Awesome piece that I will be able to wear multiple ways in all seasons.


Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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