September Pinned It, Spinned It: Week Four

This month has been a lot of fun and has flown by! Thanks again to the incredible ladies on Instagram @jro1583 and @aem8168 for putting this together! 

Here are the looks for the week and the last couple of days of the month: 

Monday- I have a floral cardigan but I couldn't find it so I decided to reverse the spin and wear floral on the bottom. I have worn this skirt before but I really liked this look today with the bright colors! 

Tuesday- The pin on the left was the inspiration for this day's look. I didn't have a yellow skirt or necklace but I did have similar styles of these items. I would have never worn these things together so I was glad for the inspiration! 

Here's the full look which I happened to love! 

Wednesday- I decided to spin this pin a little more for this day. I wore a striped top instead of a white cardigan. I loved this look too! 

Thursday- This pin was a repeat so I did it differently than the last time. I love this white sweater since it's so lightweight and perfect for the cooler temps in the morning and evening. I just wish I would have remembered to wear my orange shoes! 

Friday- I chose to not participate this day. The pin was one I did a week or so ago so I chose to wear something entirely different! 

Monday- I had never thought to pair green and coral or turquoise and coral with leopard! This was a great one because it pushed my fashion limits again! 

Tuesday- Last day of the challenge! I loved these colors together and had already planned an outfit with them! As luck would have it, it was very cool for the last day of September so it was the perfect time to wear it! I didn't have the same pattern (polka dots) so I went with a gingham shirt underneath. This was one of my favorite outfits for the month! 

Well this was such a fun challenge this month! I'll be looking at the October challenge for some inspiration on days when it matches up with my Outstanding October Style. Here's the calendar if you're following along with me:

Happy October! 



  1. You nailed all of them girl, I love your pinned it spinned it posts!


  2. Super cute horse sweater. I'm planing an outfit for tomorrow IG link up.

    I'm Hosting BBCA(Blogging for breast cancer awareness). I hope you will join in. Read more about it on my blog.


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