Outstanding October Style: Days 7-14

This past week was a lot of fun seeing everyone's looks. I continue to be amazed at having one theme and seeing so many different interpretations! I think that is one of the reasons why I love doing these challenges so much! 

Day 7- Big Statement, Little Price- I actually combined days 7 and 8 on day 8 because I wasn't feeling well a lot of this last week. I wore a beautiful statement necklace that I got from Geoopdealz for a little price. This is actually the second one of this necklace that I have bought because I wore out the first one! 

I chose @maria_neonamber to feature for this day because she is definitely making a statement in her necklace and earrings! I think they look fabulous! 

Day 8- Living Colorfully- I wear color every day because I love it! I can't stand to wear neutrals or just all black, etc. without putting some sort of color with it. This outfit screamed fall to me with the colors of fall- yellows, reds, and greens. 

I chose @polishedwhimsy to feature for this day because her look definitely says that she is living colorfully! And can we talk about her pattern mixing? I think this look is awesome! 

Day 9- Put A Bow On It- I used a throwback picture from about 6 months ago for today's theme. Another day that I wasn't feeling well and I had a doctors appointment and soccer practice so no dressing up for me! 

I actually love this dress and loved when we took these pictures! A fun dress with a bow and a pleated skirt? Sign me up! 

@craftymama77 is definitely putting a bow on it wearing this beautiful dress! I love the color of the dress but also the tights and the shoes! Great look! 

Day 10- Fall In Love- I already wrote a blog post about this outfit and the wedding of my brother and sister in law. I loved this look so much! 

I love this look from @musingsofashopaholicmama so much! It screams fall to me! The pattern mixing and the infamous blanket scarf are so perfect! 

Day 11- Hats Off To You- I actually didn't have a hat to wear for this day. I wish I did! I wanted to either wear a winter hat (I am glad it's not that cold though) or a cute floppy hat. Plans change. I don't have a floppy hat so instead I just say hats off to all of you who help your kids with extracurricular activities! It's definitely a challenge being a parent but for me, being a coach has been an even bigger one! 

I love love love this look from @amberthelibra! This hat is so on point and it goes wonderfully with her outfit! So cute! 

Day 12- Favorite Designer Collaboration- My Sunday Style post this week talks more in detail about this look- it's one of my favorites! 

@myoverstuffedcloset looks great in this Eva Mendes for New York and Company top. I love this style top and she paired it with mint which I think looks great! It gives me a good idea for an outfit too! 

Day 13- Inspired by IG- I am definitely inspired by all of the people I have met on Instagram. I have taken more risks in my fashion since I joined this community! I chose to recreate a look that I loved from @styleontarget and wear a trench coat and a warm scarf! 

Here's the look from @styleontarget that I loved so much: 

Day 14- Thrifty Tuesday- I didn't post an outfit for this day because I was actually too busy and just didn't get to it! I'm featuring @erinicole13 because her outfit is so cute and she mentions paying little for her top and her necklace! 

Well that's a wrap from this last week! I can't believe half of the month is already gone! Thanks to everyone who is participating in this challenge! It's a lot of fun seeing all of your looks! Don't forget to use the tag #outstandingoctoberstyle to have all of your pictures in the group. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. I so love that dress you wear to the wedding. You looked stunning in it.


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