Marvelous May Style Challenge: Days 8-14

Well, it happened again! Another week flew by! This style challenge has been so much fun! I know I made it up but I am allowed to say that it's been fun, right? I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures on Instagram and have loved connecting with new people! 

Day 8- My Favorite Things- I always say my favorite things aren't things- but if I had to choose some things that I love to wear and use, this picture is a good example! I love wearing dresses (especially with pockets), statement necklaces, leopard print, bows on toes- you get the idea! 

I chose to feature my pal Keila @mommyinmilwaukee on this day for a couple of reasons- first of all, she is one of the most adorable expectant mothers I have ever seen! Secondly, how could I not pick her since we match? 

Day 9- Silver Linings- every cloud has a silver lining- we've ll heard this before so why not show off our silver? I'm doing this in the form of both shoes and accessories and wearing Old Navy clothing and shoes! 

I chose my friend Heather @stylejourney to feature on this day because I loved all of the gray and silver that she had on together! Cute look! 

Day 10- My Mom Wore This- I thought this would be either really easy or really hard for most people- I was surprised at the amount of participation this one got! I loved looking at pictures from days gone by of what moms wore and I loved seeing the creativity and sentiment in the outfits! I have on a normal outfit but chose to wear my mom's sapphire necklace that she gave to me. I really should wear it more often! 

I chose @fashionshouldbefun to feature on this day because I was so touched by her post. She is wearing a sweatshirt from her mom. What a wonderful tribute to her! 

Day 11- Mother Knows Best- you know the television show Father Knows Best? I always think mothers know best but let's keep that between us! I chose to wear a maxi dress and dress it up with beaded necklaces for Mother's Day. Check out my last Sunday Style post for all of the details! 

I chose to feature @cherryann for this day because I loved the advice she talked about her mom giving her. I also have to say that Cherry's looks everyday are awesome and I love the fact that she has gotten her office involved in the style challenge as well! 

Day 12- I've Got the Blues- because who doesn't have the blues on a Monday? I chose to wear my cobalt pants with a lightweight top since we were having a little warmer weather. I've also got my new purse with me in this outfit! 

I chose @lynnnie34 to feature for this day because I loved all of her blues- she even painted her toenails blue! How fun! 

Day 13- Minty Fresh- I did not realize that I had a teeth cleaning appointment on this day so isn't that funny that it was on the same day as this theme? I must have subconsciously known it when I made up the list! Anyways, I am wearing some minty fresh clothes with some wide leg pants that I have had forever. It was a nice change up from the skinny jeans that I normally wear. 

I chose to feature @clotheshaulic for this day because she was looking good in head to toe mint- even her jewelry! 

Day 14- It's a Good Day for a White Wednesday- it's a play on words of the famous Billy Idol song White Wedding- anyways, I chose white for the top only on this day mainly because it was raining and I didn't want my white pants to get dirty- I love that all of these clothes came from JCPenney because they are so affordable as well as cute! The teal pants are a pretty bright color and the pop of leopard was unexpected. This may be my favorite outfit from the week! 

I chose to feature @melbella14 for this day because I loved her look with the white dress! So pretty and fun while being completely functional and easy to run around in! 

Well that's a wrap of the second week. I hope you all are having as much fun as I am planning your outfits! Thanks to those who are playing along- every day more people are joining in the fun! Make sure you are using the #marvelousmaystyle tag when posting your outfits or looking for inspiration from so many ladies! 

Remember, you must be following me on IG in order to be featured on the blog and repost the challenge on your IG feed. I want to feature more people! Let me know if you are interested in a June challenge as well and I will put something together since this has been so much fun! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me. 



  1. I am having so much fun with this challenge! Although I have not posted every single day, it has been a good reason for me to get dressed almost every morning! Thanks! Susan

    1. Glad you are having fun and playing along with us! I think these challenges definitely help me to stay motivated as well!

  2. OMG! Just saw myself! Sandae, you're the sweetest! Lynn (@lynnie34) will be so thrilled too! Love following you in IG. Your sense of style is on point for sure! Please do a June style challenge! It's been super fun!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be futures on your blog this is so exciting and I enjoy following yoy and playing along in this may challenge I think yoy should create one every month at least for the summer months :)

  4. You look great. have a great weekend

  5. Honestly, I have been enjoying doing the challenges. You are such a stylist beautiful lady. I love all your great ideas. I was so surprised seeing my picture on your blog. Looking forward to more challenges and thanks so much for creating such an uncredible way for us to learn more styles from each other. You rock ����


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