The Bachelor Balderdash 01/13/2020

Welcome back to the second edition of The Bachelor Balderdash where I discuss this week's show- the highlights and the lowlights and everything in between!

If you didn't read my post last week, go ahead and give it a look here so you are up to date on my feelings of this show and my point of view.

We begin this week's show with Peter and Hannah B in their cozy spot in the middle of Hannah's breakdown. Tears and mascara are running and they struggle to define the terms of this relationship and where it is headed. NOTE: I wonder how long this actually took place! We only see portions of this so I really wonder how many minutes/hours they talked about this.  Peter told Hannah "You're the one who said no to me. I never said no to you". Way to throw it back to her, Peter. Hannah continues to lament that she doesn't know if she made the right decision. Peter asks her to stay in the house with the other girls.

Can we just stop for a minute though and talk about this. He asked her if she wants to stay and be one of the other girls? What kind of a show would this have been if she said yes to this? Spoiler alert- this doesn't happen. Anyways, I really think Peter is such a nice guy that he didn't want to hurt her feelings. This was a way that he didn't say no to her but not yes either. Peter tells the camera that he doesn't know if she is missing the what if's or if she is missing him.

Anyways, back in the middle of the breakdown, Hannah climbs on Peter's lap and they continue to discuss whether or not this is right. All of the other girls on the date are seen talking and some being mad or upset even that Peter is still taking time with Hannah.

Thank goodness, Peter says he can't do this and dismisses Hannah. I hope we don't see her anymore but knowing how The Bachelor works, who's to say that she won't show up at the final rose ceremony!

Peter finally goes back to the girls on the date and tells them he can't move forward with the date. He has had a hard time today (poor Peter) and he told them about the conversation he had with Hannah and that they got some stuff off their chests. See you all at the after-party though!

Natasha shows her bad side here I think. I feel like she has a right to be a little upset but she is livid and doesn't shut up talking to the other girls about Hannah B. Let it go already girl! You'll see him at the party later tonight! ( This is where I wish you could see my face as I am writing cuz it's 100 eyerolls a minute at this point).

Later at the after-party, Peter tells Natasha that he likes that she is direct. This is in response to her telling him how mad she is that he canceled the date earlier that day. Peter makes out with Mykenna  and gives a rose to Sydney because she shared her heart with him and she has so much love to give. He gave Lexi a red convertible keychain because that reminded him of her entrance the first night. It also looks like Lexi has been crying but it could be her skin is light and her coloring- I don't know.

Kelsey brought a bottle of champagne from home that has been sitting on her counter for over a year waiting on the right occasion to drink it. She sets it up next to the fireplace so she can sneak Peter away and share a glass. She tells the camera that she wants a husband and a family. Oh it is so perfect and romantic until Mykenna steals Peter away and they don't get to enjoy it. She starts crying that Mykenna had time with him yesterday. It's not fair. Waaaaaaaahhhhh

Kelsey then confronts Mykenna in front of the other girls and tells her it's not fair. "You disrespected me!" Um ok- this is a game, girl, and you gotta play it! Meanwhile, Peter is already moving on to Maddie and gives her a special present which is a framed photo of her and Peter and his family from the vow renewal ceremony. I am thinking that Peter really likes her and I am not mad about this choice at all at this point.

Enter more drama! Peter and Hannah Ann find their way to the fireplace and in the middle of making out pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. Yes, you guessed it! Kelsey's special bottle! Oh no! You can see the other girls and Kelsey talking about whether or not it it was Kelsey's bottle and then see Kelsey walk to the other room to tell them it was her bottle.

Okay is it just me or does Kelsey appear to be desperate and a total train wreck here? She is clearly not thinking straight and then lashes out at Hannah Ann in front of the other girls that she did this on purpose and that she stole her moment! Hannah Ann apologizes and says she is moving forward and finally is the bigger person and walks away from the hot mess that is called Kelsey. #champagnecrisis2020

Now it's time for the second rose ceremony and these girls get the roses: Mykenna, Victoria P, Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Alayah, Deandra, Victoria F, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah and Kelsey. Kelley and Madison already have their roses so they don't have to worry about getting another one.

I'm still wondering why he gave Kelsey a rose because she's so dramatic but I guess at this point, he doesn't know this. Peter asks the girls if they want to give a toast and asks Kelsey specifically. She says no so little miss Hannah Ann steps in and saves the day with one. (eyeroll and cat meowing here, lol cuz man is it catty)

Time for another group date! Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F, Kelsey and Hannah Ann are all chosen for a date. They are taken to a Revolve pop up shop where they each can choose two looks to model on a runway in a fashion show! The judges will choose the top two who will do a model-off ? runway-off? you know, compete to see who is the best- where the winner will then win a closet full of Revolve looks! The judges are none other than Carson Kressley, Janice Dickinson (who I still think Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner looks a lot like) and Raissa Gerona.

Emotions are running high and most of the girls don't seem to be too bothered but Victoria F is crying about how she has no confidence and this is so hard for her. She is falling into the comparison trap by looking at the other girls and seeing what is good about them and not about herself.

A couple of notable outfits were Hannah Ann's wedding dress and veil that she threw to Peter as she walked down the runway and Victoria F's lingerie and bathrobe and stopping to kiss Peter as she walked down the runway. You know all of the other girls mouths were dropping and they were shocked as she did this. Honorable mention to Kelsey as she walked down with a bottle of champagne and told Peter they would share it later.

In the end there can only be a top two and you guessed it: Hannah Ann and Victoria F. They then dressed in the same outfit and walked the runway and competed to see who was the best. The judges voted for Hannah Ann which I am not going to lie, I would have voted for too. She just had a little more enthusiasm and want for the title. Victoria F then proceeds to cry and say she's going home and Peter can just be with Hannah Ann. Again please, girls, this is a competition!

OMG yes, thank you this is almost the end of this dramatic episode!

But we need a little more drama before the show can end for the night. The girls and Peter all meet for their after-party. Victoria F confesses to Peter that this is a lot for her and she doesn't think it is good for her mental health. SIDE NOTE: Good for you girl for noticing this toxic environment and calling it out! Bring in Hannah Ann now who tells on Kelsey that she is bullying her and that she didn't sleep last night because of it. No one is going to put Baby, er Hannah Ann in a corner so Peter does what an respectful man would do and gives out a rose. He gives it to Victoria F so I guess she can rest a little easy that she's still in the race.

Now Peter does what any respectful man would do and confronts Kelsey about her actions with Hannah Ann. He tells her what she has done and she denies it. She gets mad and cries and walks off. Will she stay or leave? Who knows, who cares. What we do know is this is finally the conclusion of this episode and we are left with sneak peeks of the season of lots of crying and drama and a beautiful ring at the end.

I miss Trista and Ryan!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. This show has so much drama in it.


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