WhatUp Wednesday #75

Hi friends! Wow! It’s been since the beginning of the month since I did one of these posts! I try to stay up on these but I’ll tell you, life just gets busy and sometimes I don’t have the time. 

Okay well then enough of the excuses...let’s get right into it! Today’s look is from a new to me online boutique called My Sister’s Closet Boutique! They have both straight sizes and plus sizes and some of the cutest items I’ve seen! I’m wearing the dress below in navy and white polka dots with these boots that are from Jessica London. Can I just say how fabulous navy boots are??) 

Anyways, this dress is so fun with the ruffled tulip hem and the neck tie. It’s perfect for wearing out and dressing up with heels or to work with boots! 

I also got two other dresses that I tried on last week in my stories on Instagram. One looks like it’s not available any longer but the other I will show you those below so you can shop that one with me as well if you’d like! 

You can shop the polka dot dress here
You can shop the navy boots here 

Here’s the other green dress that I got: 

You can shop the green dress here 

I’ve been sick over this past week so I haven’t posted a ton but I’ll do a recap of a couple of looks that I like! 

I finally got in to get my hair done again at Bondi Salon in Holland I wore this beautiful dress from Anthropologie

You can shop the dress here 
You can shop the boots here 

I love this black sequin dress from Navabi! It’s so fun and I love it paired with the animal print boots! It’s such a fun look! You can read all about it and see more pics in this post here

You can shop the dress here 
You can shop the boots here 

Next week I’ll tell you all about the cat cafe that my son and I went to this past week! It’s getting late so I’ll need to make this post brief this week! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Hope you are feeling better now.


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