WhatUp Wednesday #74

Happy New Year, friends! I’m starting the year off right with a new WhatUp Wednesday blog post because I haven’t done one in a while! 

You won’t see any “New Year, New Me” posts from me because let’s face it, I like who I am. There are things I’d love to change and things I need to work on, yes, of course, but I don’t want to be anyone other than me. 

This past year has been full of everything. I had to move back up to MI with my parents because of job loss. It’s good because I have a place to live but not where I want to be. It’s too damn cold! I would love to be warm right now but I’m making it work! I’m happy to have a place to call home and we make it work for right now. 

I think that was the biggest thing that happened to me this year. Keep in mind, I haven’t had a full time regular job for over a year! It’s been hard making money and I’m keeping it real with how much hustle I have to have. I will say it’s taught me to work even harder than I ever did before. I also realize more about the value of money and truly what I need versus what I want. 

I think it’s okay this year to say the biggest thing you did was survived. Sometimes that’s all we can do. 

Now, what do I want in 2020? I don’t make resolutions but I do try to do a little goal setting. I look at where I am and see where I want to be- in all my relationships, job, finances, blog, etc. I have so many things I want to do so I have to write them down and try to visualize those happening for me. I feel big things happening for me in 2020 and I’m excited about what’s in store! 

Here’s a fun look that can be worn for any fun event like New Year’s Eve or a fun party look! Everyone needs a pretty party dress! 

This dress was part of the Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collection at Nordstrom. I loved this dress the minute I saw it because of the stars! I also love the tiers of this dress and the bows on the front. It’s just such a perfect dress for me! It is sold out of most sizes but keep an eye on the Nordstrom website for pop backs! 

I also have been working with a Grand Rapids based photographer over the last couple of weeks so I think you’ll see a difference in the pictures! You can find her here on Instagram! I’d highly recommend her if you’re in the area and need someone to take your pictures!

Now I’ve worn so many holiday looks over the last month and I didn’t post them all on the blog. They’re all over on my Instagram which you can find here if you want to see all of the looks. 

There’s a few below that I’ll feature because I love them! 

This suit from Navabi is so amazing! I have more photos that I will probably post because it is one of my faves! 

You can shop the blazer here 
You can shop the pants here 
You can shop the blouse here 
You can shop the shoes here 

I love this red dress from Pink Clove- the neck and ruffles make it a favorite of mine! 

You can shop the dress here (it’s only available in black)
You can shop the shoes here 

I loved pairing a long ball gown length skirt from QVC (Joan Rivers collection) with a fun plaid button up shirt from Christopher and Banks!  It is a different look and mixes casual and dressy into one! 

You can shop the shirt here 
You can shop the skirt here 

I also love this llama sweater from Christopher and Banks! It’s so fun and you can wear it more than just for the holidays! I paired it with a plaid skirt from Loudbodies and boots from Jessica London and I just love this look! 

You can shop the sweater here
You can shop the skirt here 
You can shop the boots here 

I love the Loudbodies plaid skirt with the green top too! 

You can shop the top here
You can shop the skirt here 
You can shop the booties here 

I did this winter white look in all Jessica London and I love the monochromatic theme with the snow! 

You can shop the sweater dress here 
You can shop the cape here 
You can shop the boots here 

Last look is this fun one with a big plaid bow top and satin pants! I think this is also a great look for a night out! 

The top is sold out! Sorry friends! But look back at Nordstrom for pop backs! 

You can shop the pants here 
You can shop the shoes here 

There were even more too! I just don’t want to duplicate all of my Instagram over here. Be sure to check out the Instagram page and follow me if you aren’t already! 

What do you all think of these looks? I love sequins and glitter and all things fun and sparkly all year round! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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