Sunday Style: Orange

Happy Sunday! I thought I’d bring back a fun color series that I did a long time ago. I basically wear an outfit of a certain color and then talk about that color- what it means, etc. 

This week is super special because I just got back from Hawai’i and I splurged and hired a professional photographer while I was there. Making memories is super important to me and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. These pictures are my souvenirs from the trip and I am so happy with them- I even did a bikini shoot that I am low key obsessed with!- more to come on that! 

For today’s color, we are talking about orange. Orange is the color between red and yellow on the spectrum of visible light. Orange represents energy, vitality, excitement, adventure, warmth and good health. It’s no surprise that orange is one of my favorite colors to wear! It’s a vibrant color and commands attention! Orange is also a color that you’ll find on a lot of marketing as it grabs your attention and is easy on the eyes at the same time. I love all shades of orange but the original bold color is my fave. 

When I found out where I was going to be taking photos, I immediately thought this dress would be perfect! I am a huge fan of the Somerset dress from Anthropologie and I think it matched beautifully with the surroundings in these photos. 

Tell me what you think! PS. I always recommend hiring a professional photographer when on vacation if your budget allows! Whether you’re alone or with your family, vacation photos always turn out beautifully! ( I think it’s because we’re so relaxed!) 

You can shop the dress here

My photographer was Aubrey Elizabeth in Kona and we shot at the Old Kona Airport area. She is amazing and I would highly recommend if you’re on the Big Island! 

And don’t worry- I have tons to write about the vacation so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. You are rocking this orange dress.


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