After Christmas Comfort with Christopher and Banks

This post is sponsored by Christopher and Banks. 

Oh hello there! Yes, you! The one who is stressed to the max after running all around for days (or even weeks for some of you) getting ready for Christmas! The one who’s kids are driving you bonkers over break! I’m here to talk about being comfortable after Christmas and give you some ideas of things you can do to relax! 

I’m wearing a couple of super comfortable looks from Christopher and Banks in this post. These are from the Activewear Relaxed, Restyled collection

The first look is this sherpa collar knit cardigan and relaxed straight leg pants.  I just put a plain tee shirt underneath but you can totally change the look based on what you like! 

You can shop the cardigan here
You can shop the pants here

Looks like I need to do some relaxing of my own! 

Here are some fun ideas for you to take some time and relax in comfort - with or without the kids! 

1. Phone a friend and have a real conversation. Laugh and catch up on everything! 

2. Make hot chocolate! If you’re feeling really festive still, set up a hot chocolate bar for your family and/or friends. I love all of the fun things you can put into hot chocolate to make it so yummy! 

3. Order dinner in! There are so many services you can use now to order your meal! GrubHub, UberEats, etc. - find what delivers in your area and have them do the work for you! 

4. Same as dinner but order groceries! I personally love how supermarkets are making it easy for us! You can either shop online and then go pick it up or you can even have it delivered! 

5. Take a bubble bath! Take some wine or your favorite beverage in with you and just relax! 

6. Read a good book. If you feel like it, take the book into the bath! I love to sit and just read and relax!

7. Find something good to watch! If you’re into Hallmark movies, there are some good ones! Too cheesy? Check out the most recent documentaries or specials on Netflix! 

8. Do some online shopping (or just browsing!). This is the best time to shop for stuff you can use next holiday season and it’s the best time to catch all of the good clothing deals! (Make sure to check out Christopher and Banks for my outfits and other great items!) 

9. Meditation, deep breaths and/or yoga. I’m putting all of these on one because it really depends on you! Some people love to stretch and that’s great- some people are limited to maybe just mediation or deep breathing. That’s okay too! 

10. Listen to music. I love putting a record on the record player and listening to the scratches and skips of the records. I also love listening to my iPod or music on my phone on an app like Pandora or Spotify. 

11. Do a puzzle. There’s something about putting pieces together that are apart. I love seeing how it was one thing and now it’s another. The process of that is relaxing to me. 

12. Write in a journal. I love to write so this is very relaxing to me. Write about what you’re grateful for. Write a short story. Write a memoir. You decide! 

13. Play an instrument. I don’t personally play anything but some people do. There’s something about sitting down to the piano and just playing or strumming the guitar that seems so relaxing to me. 

14. Take a nap! Moms especially struggle with this one but please take some time for yourself. Use a weighted blanket for even more relaxation. 

15. Super relaxed now? Start planning a vacation! Some people find this to be very relaxing or soothing as they make plans for the upcoming year. Make a list of everything you are looking to do in your destination and do research. 

I decided to do a couple of these things myself! I’m wearing the space dye pullover and leggings in these pictures below. I love being comfortable and cozy while I’m staying in! 

You can shop the sweater here
You can shop the leggings here

I hope you can all find some time to relax and take it easy! I know taking down the Christmas tree and lights and all of the decorations is on the horizon during break as well but try and find a little time for yourself. When you do find time, you can dress in comfort and style wearing some of these pieces from the Relaxed Restyled collection

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. I hardly even get to take naps.

  2. I especially like the space dye sweater, and just looked at it. I might need that for my birthday.


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